Trump, Taxes And The Wall Street Journal

On the day after the latest Republican debate, when Donald Trump is supposed to have been unmasked by Cruz and Rubio as a political light-weight and financial huckster, the WSJ has once again challenged him to release his past tax returns and reveal his personal financial position. The barely-concealed accusation is that Trump’s business empire is built on debt, bluff and perhaps, fraud.

The WSJ editorial follows on from an identical accusation of accounting ‘bombshells’ made two days earlier by Mitt Romney, a former Presidential candidate who, since that contest in 2012, has quickly gravitated to the Republican Left. It is odd that Romney has re-emerged so conspicuously in this contest after a long period of lying low. It seems that there is a concerted effort, all across the political spectrum – from Cruz people on the Right, through the WSJ editorial board to the Washington Post and New York Times on the Far Left – to take down Trump.

Trump claims that he cannot release his financial records because his last three years are being audited by the IRS. He says that the IRS has been auditing him for the last twelve years, evidence that he is unfairly targeted. Last night Cruz and Rubio, almost as though they were operating within an alliance, challenged him to release earlier records. Like Romney and the WSJ, they believe they have found his Achilles heel. Whether they have some inside information (which is quite possible, for there must be many Far Leftists in the IRS) that Trump’s empire is built on sand, or they are merely indulging in smear tactics, is the big question.

Those of us who see Trump as the Counter-Revolutionary leader we have been waiting for, have to take a hard look at these accusations. If Trump’s business empire is anything but rock-solid, he will be exposed, for he ( and we), are surrounded by extremely powerful enemies. Those who challenge the Ruling Class, and take on its Government machinery and its Mainstream Media, can expect no passes, no privacy and no mercy. All of that is reserved for the Rulers and their allies.

Since no sexual and related allegations are being made against Trump, despite two divorces and decades in Show Business, we can be pretty confident that he has had no secret life in bath-houses, whore-houses or crack-houses. This is an astonishingly good record for a man who has moved in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, LA and Washington circles, mingling with the rich and influential. He must have always possessed a strong moral inner compass to be able to lie down with dogs yet not catch their fleas. We know he has never smoked or drunk alcohol. His family members are also a testament to his clean living. In contrast, one of last night’s contestants and accusers has avoided confronting rumors swirling around on the Internet of a past bath-house life.

It is possible that Trump’s business empire is shaky, though we always assumed that he would not have launched on this costly and enemy-strewn political path unless genuinely wealthy. Still, it is possible that he is a master confidence trickster (and psychopath), and in order to mask an imminent financial collapse has embarked on a desperate bid for the highest (and therefore most invulnerable) public office. Certainly a business empire that includes construction and property is always vulnerable to economic down-turns, business cycles, cash-flow problems, gambles about the future and public confidence.

It would be reassuring if Trump quickly proved that he has been giving substantially to veterans, including the proceeds of his recent charity event. If he has been legally avoiding tax, like Warren Buffet and other billionaires, we salute him, for most tax money is wasted or used for evil purposes by Government.

Rush Limbaugh has this morning been expressing pleasure at the performances of Cruz and Rubio in last night’s gloves-off fight. He believes that between them they demonstrated that Trump is a know-nothing when to comes to the important detail of policies. We think Limbaugh is wrong and has been spending too much of his time moving among policy wonks and Conservative theorists.

Most of us angry, ordinary, smart-even-when-poorly -educated stiffs, are not impressed by ‘wonkism’ when it comes to a President. Obama, who could not find Kenya on a map, fill out a tax return, write a credible legal paper, or make an application for a health insurance repayment, has transformed America root and branch. We think Trump, like Cruz and Rubio, can run rings around Obama intellectually but that is not what is needed to make America great again. Trump will delegate detail to his ‘wonks’ but possesses an ability to see the big picture, cut through the crap, has life and business experience, is angry about the state of the Nation but is not an angry man, has self-confidence and is determined.

We recommend that Rush Limbaugh visit our website and read the latest comment by Epaminondas (who-ever he is and hopefully not a Nazi or a Brown-shirt)) for he has set out some of the key reasons why Americans will support Trump.

Just when it was being claimed that Cruz and Rubio had Trump on the ropes, here comes Chris Christie to endorse him. Can’t wait to hear The Donald sharing this important endorsement at his mass rally today!


Philip Chism, now 17, has been sentenced to 25 years before release for the murder (and inevitably rape) of his math teacher Colleen Ritzer in Salem, Mass. Chism, then a large 14 year old Black youth delivered a karate chop on her and then twice slit her throat. Since poor Ms Ritzer is one of many, many innocent White and Asian citizens who have died violently at the hands of Black youths in these last seven years of Obama/ Holder/ Lynch, we wish to reiterate that White and Asian lives matter.

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