Trump Still Leading the Pack

It is not yet four weeks since Donald Trump spat in the eyes of America’s Ruling elite with his brutally frank comments about immigration from south of the border. On July 3rd this website first featured him in its article “Does the Donald Have the Trump Card”. Until that speech we had not seen him as a serious candidate yet we have already written nine more articles about his campaign. At this time, according to the mostly hostile opinion polls, he leads all other Republican hopefuls including the Party leaders’ favorite son, Jeb Bush.

We have not been alone in our preoccupation with his campaign. It has been impossible for anyone writing a serious article about the Republican primary contest to set him aside. The WSJ’s elitist Republican commentator Peggy Noonan, who used a whole article to character-assassinate Trump, attempted to write a second Trump-invisible weekend article drooling over the rest of the field. By Monday morning Trump was dwarfing all those whose talents she had extolled.

In less than one month Trump has become the front-runner in opinion polls of grass roots Republicans, the most news-worthy candidate despite rabid Media hostility, and has so far hi-jacked the campaign agenda. Moreover he has alienated and united in hostility the Media Class, its Far Left allies, Big Business, the Mexican Government and its influential agents in the USA, the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Congressmen they have bought, the Republican Party’s bureaucracy and the Great and the Good. Somehow, Donald Trump, long seen as a political dilettante and clown, has wittingly or unwittingly become the voice of a large conservative suppressed minority and a force which, once unleashed, may well prove to be a majority.

Given that the foregoing paragraph is correct, we counter-revolutionaries have to take Trump seriously. We also have to be wary and not project our hopes and expectations on to a man incapable of meeting them, or worse, actually unsympathetic and insincere. Not surprising, on many Rightwing websites, there are those who point to Trump’s shallow political past. He has donated to Democrats, defended abortion and tossed off conflicting comments on many topics that are important to conservatives.

There are some who blog on websites that Trump is being promoted by the Democrats in order to run as a Third Party candidate in 2016 and thus split the Rightwing vote. It is possible that he will end up doing a Ross Perot but it seems far-fetched to view him as a Democrat tool in a long-term conspiracy. Others claim he is only interested in getting publicity either because it is financially profitable or because he is addicted to fame. It is hard to see how his current campaign is profiting financially or will be profitable later for his business interests. That he seeks, and thrives on, Media coverage is certain but so do most politicians, and are these traits a handicap for a counter-revolutionary? Unlike other politicians he is not intimidated by MSM-orchestrated controversy.

On this website we try to be ruthlessly honest with both visitors and ourselves. We are desperate for a Republican candidate for President who is a fighter, a Nationalist (i.e. America First!), who by monopolizing publicity can reach the masses despite the MSM, who is unashamedly politically incorrect, who does not retreat when the MSM howls for apologies, and who cannot be bought. Are we kidding ourselves that Trump is such a candidate? The answer for us – and it seems for many others – is ‘no’.

Is Trump in this contest for real? He has come this far and success seems to have toughened his commitment. He appears to have energy and the resources to go all the way. Are there gaps in his conservatism and short-falls in his stances? The answer for us is ‘yes’ many, but beggars cannot be choosers and we need a winner and not a gallant, ideologically-pure loser. Our belief is that in the past Trump operated as a business man in a Democrat controlled economic and political environment. He did what was necessary for his business to succeed and paid little attention to real politics.

For some reason he has had a late-in-life Nationalist epiphany and unlike most of us is in a position to act on it on the National stage. We hope the hysterical persecution he is now facing will educate and radicalize him and not deter him. We hope it will sharpen his message and delivery. We remain prepared for disappointment but for the moment we are committed Trumpets. Go, Donald, Go!

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  1. “We hope the hysterical persecution he is now facing will educate and radicalize him and not deter him.”


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