Trump Should Not Be Meeting Netanyahu Now

On this website we have several times written articles warning Trump that his first priority in office should be purging and paring the public service bureaucracy, for it harbors enemies who are in intimate contact with him and his team.

Our definition of the public service bureaucracy includes those in the CIA, FBI and Pentagon. None of those inherited from Obama can be trusted, for Obama was a Revolutionary from Day One and understood the necessity of purging his administration’s machinery of genuine public servants and replacing them with supporters.

Public service employees were always likely to develop their own self-serving agenda and to work to preserve it from the politicians who came and went, but in a Revolutionary era that has been developing for decades, the chance is nil that any ‘old school’ public servant with a belief in serving the Nation’s best interest would survive. All today will be either committed Far Leftists, or ambitious, unscrupulous adventurers intent on promotion and job security.

We believe that Trump should have protected Flynn by taking aggressive actions to remove the top bureaucrats in the relevant organizations, for offense and an indifference to old rules are the only ways to win a war against an enemy that long ago abandoned the old rules.

Our concerns about Flynn were his seeming unawareness that he was surrounded by enemies and being spied upon. We like it that he was sounding out the Putin regime on behalf of the transitional Trump Presidency, but he was careless about his own and Trump’s security.

It seems to us that Trump has under-estimated the presence of hostile forces deeply embedded here in America. Did he assume that once in the White House he would be in control of government at home and that he could quickly embark on dealing with foreign affairs, perhaps even distract his opponents by appearing Presidential? If so, he is wrong.

Meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister, and now with the Israeli Prime Minister, is distracting Trump but not his internal enemies. We could argue that Netanyahu, like Trudeau, is the leader of an unimportant State, and not worth the effort until later in the Presidency. Israeli affairs occupy an inordinate amount of America’s political debate only because of the Jewish domination of the Mainstream Media and Wall Street. Netanyahu is an Israeli Nationalist, and good for him, and at some time he may be helpful to Trump’s America, but for now he is unimportant.

Trump needs to make a show of strength here at home and devote all his energies to getting his cabinet positions filled with people who will purge and pare the public workforce, breaking the powers of Silicon Valley moguls and the MSM, imposing Law and Order in the big cities, and starting the process of having Democrat politicians and their allies brought to justice. The MSM will cry foul but they will do that anyway and better to give them something real to protest about.

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