Trump Predicts Riots

Once again the Mainstream Media of the Ruling Media Class, its Democrat lackeys and the faint hearts and Collaborators of the Republican Party are uniting to paint Donald Trump as the Nation’s first rabble-rouser and purveyor of violence.

After two years and more of Trotskyite urban riots, idle Blacks looting and burning their cities to the ground, knock-out attacks on vulnerable lone Whites and Asians, all of it justified – is ‘glorified’ a more appropriate word? – minimalized, and rationalized by the MSM, the Far Left Democrats and even some spineless Republicans, yet suddenly we are to believe that violence has now arrived in America and it is all down to Donald Trump and his followers! Oh My! Oh My!

One old White man punched a young overfed Black provocateur at a Trump rally, and America’s MSM is outraged. Ignoring all the Soros-organized violence that preceded this incident, the man is to have the legal book thrown at him. Moreover, the four cops who, in the midst of the Black-planned violence, failed to arrest the man immediately, have now all been investigated, disciplined and punished. We can be sure that behind the scenes, the racist Lynch DOJ and Obama have applied pressure to a frightened police chief.

The latest MSM manufactured outrage has been triggered because Trump has predicted that if he is cheated out of the candidacy at the Republican Convention in July, there may be riots. Trump, unlike all the Far Left organizations and their leaders and sponsors who are openly planning mayhem to disrupt his rallies and disrupt his businesses, has only foretold the future. This prediction has been deliberately misreported by the MSM as a call to riot. Despicable Republicans have taken yet another opportunity to give aid and comfort to the enemy, using the false charge to condemn Trump .

If Trump had called for his followers to riot in the event of a successful collaborationist maneuver denying him victory, we would have applauded him. It is well past time that hard-working law-abiding citizens decided that enough is enough. For so long, the rabble have been taking over the streets and colleges, denying free speech, intimidating and persecuting, and being rewarded for it. The MSM, the Authorities and the Republican scribblers have viewed Leftist violence as the new norm.

We are living through a Revolutionary era, and this is the only website that predicted it and now acknowledges it. The real violence is already occurring and it is being inflicted on us. The Saul Alinsky playbook is the Bible of the Revolutionary in the White House. Do not be deceived by his soft voice and amiable grin. We must resist or lose the America of the Founding Fathers.

It is the intention of the Revolutionaries who control the Government, the Colleges, the MSM, and are aided by the Internationalists of Big Business, to prevent Trump from winning the Republican nomination by any means, including violence If that fails they will continue, using more violence.

On this website we suggest that resistance be mounted, not in the strongholds of the Red and Black mobs, but in the heartlands of the working people. Let our resisters march on the enemy where we have the people. Close down those big companies that fund the Far Left, target the Far Left politicians in our strongholds, and make life uncomfortable for the Collaborationists in Republican States.

Civil war is a bloody and costly business and does not come naturally to Conservative people, who are busy with jobs and family. There are no winners and many victims, but we cannot be passive victims, ultimately marching to the gulags. By sending a clear message now, the Far Left may lose its nerve and Trump may win the White House and peacefully roll back the Revolution to make America great – and free – again.

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