Trump Opponent Loses Primary

Yesterday in Kansas, an incumbent Republican Congressman, Tim Huelskamp, lost to a Republican challenger, Roger Marshall. This is a shocking result and provides an insight into the turmoil that is now afflicting a Republican Party torn apart by the intrusion of Nationalism into the center of the 2016 race.

Huelskamp is considered to be a staunch conservative and was a vocal supporter of Ted Cruz in the recent primaries. As far as we can judge, he continued his Cruz support by becoming a Trump opponent, though he was not one of those ‘Never Trumps’ who is prepared to desert to Hillary Clinton. Some reports claim that his challenger, Roger Marshall, campaigned as a Trump supporter. Others claim that Marshall is a tool of Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce faction.

This morning, Rush Limbaugh mentioned this Kansas result and asserted that Huelskamp had campaigned as a ‘Never Trump’, and Marshall as a Trump loyalist. If any of our website visitors have accurate knowledge, please post it.

If Huelskamp lost because of his continuing support for Cruz, and Marshall really is a Trump supporter, this result is clear-cut in its implications. But maybe the truth is more complicated. Perhaps Cruz is simply very unpopular and it is his personality or his over-emphasized Christianity that has cost his erstwhile ally Huelskamp votes. Perhaps a significant portion of Republicans assumed that Marshall was a Trump man, and were misled.

The other shocking aspect of this result is that a July 15th opinion poll had Huelskamp leading Marshall by 47 to 38. On 2nd August the Republican voters gave Marshall 58,807 and Huelskamp 45,310. This was a stunning 56% to 44% victory! If the Trump factor was at work here on behalf of Marshall (maybe a big ‘if’), it suggests that the polls are seriously missing Trump support. More information from Kansas would be helpful.

Of all the Internationalist Trump haters, none is more poisonous than the Wall Street Journal’s star columnist, Bret ‘Israel First, Stephens. If you think Mark Levin has lost his sanity, he is only mildly insane compared to Stephens – he of the sneering expression above the ‘Global View’ column.

On Tuesday, 2nd August under the heading “To the Go-Along Republicans” he takes Paul Ryan and others to task for not completely denouncing Trump and thus, he asserts, saving the Republican Party and America in the long term.

After listing the “foul names” of America’s 20th Century and bracketing the anti-Communist war hero and patriot Joe McCarthy, with the Soviet agent and traitor Alger Hiss, Stephens refers to ‘Trump’s vile eruptions” and his “casual smear of Ghazala Khan” as being “perhaps the vilest”. We are to view Trump as one of the ‘foul names’ along with Hiss.

For Stephens – whose loyalty is to Israel – “What makes Trump’s remarks (about Mrs. Khan) “so foul is the undisguised sadism” of his mild remark. Trump actually drew attention to this female Muslim Democrat operative’s silence while her husband was attacking his Nationalism, because he guessed it revealed a woman’s subservient position within Islam and this was on the stage of a Party supposedly committed to women’s equality.

Stephen’s paints Mrs. Khan as a woman “too heart heartbroken and anxious to speak of her dead son”. Give us a break, Stephens, she lost him 14 years ago and chose now to use his death to advance Hillary’s campaign! This, wrote Stephens “was the full unmasking of Mr. Trump” and he has a “black soul” and is “morally unfit for any office high or low”. Stephens is joining in the Obama chorus.

He goes on to lecture Republicans that it is not enough to denounce Trump’s “personal slanders, nativism, protectionism, isolationism, mendacity, meanness and crassness, his disdain for constitutional protections – and still campaign for his election”. He refers to the “Khan slander” and that Trump will always find a new bottom. Stephens writes of the Khans as a cynical Democrat operative would write of them, as though here was a grieving couple who had just lost their son and found themselves by chance on a political stage.

And what are Trump’s disdains for constitutional protections? It is Obama who -without a peep of protest from the Republicans in Congress -disdains the Constitution, and Clinton who promises to do more of the same. It is Hillary Clinton who is morally unfit for any office, high or low, and the evidence is overwhelming and everywhere – as Stephens well knows! She recklessly, and for entirely selfish and crooked reasons, evaded the requirements of security. Then she lied and lied, blamed others and denounced her accusers. She should be in jail.

He finishes with “Mrs. Clinton is not the apotheosis of evil. She may be a corner-cutter and a liar, and she’ll almost surely appoint liberals to the Supreme Court. But at least she’s not a sociopath”.

Stephen’s willingness to write that black is white is breathtaking! Here is a woman who casually abandoned 4 Americans in Libya and then went on TV Shows denying this and continues to do so. Not only does she lie with aplomb but accuses the parents of her victims of being liars. There are no greater sociopaths in today’s politics than Hillary Clinton, her husband and Obama. And Stephens know it.

So why is he so desperate to bring about the defeat of Trump and the betrayal of the Republican rank-and-file, that he is willing to outdo the Democrat propagandists in shameless lies? Is he so haunted by the 1930’s justified Nationalism of impoverished German workers that as a Jew he forever sees jackboots and ovens whenever Nationalism emerges? Or is he pleasing the footloose Internationalists of Wall Street who, in cahoots with a Far Left Government, are gorging on the bodies of exploited and suppressed American workers and hard-working taxpayers?

The Khans deserve no sympathy. They are a pair of foreigners who are using their son’s death to advance Mr. Khan’s agenda (and the identical agenda of the crypto-Muslim in the White House) and lucrative business of importing as many Muslims into America as possible. Trump was right to smell a rat or two and defend himself.

The MSM and the Internationalists have seized on the Khan issue and rearranged the facts to damage Trump. But if it had not been this, they would have found something else and they will continue to find and rearrange everything Trump says and does to make vile propaganda.

Trump is a paragon of virtue compared to the Clintons and most of the Democrat Party’s members. His morals compare well with much of the Republican leadership, many Federal judges and all of Hollywood’s Leftists. His loyalty to, and love for, America, is in stark contrast to the Obama’s seething resentment of everything American. And Bret (Israel First) Stephens knows it! It is time for the Republican leadership to distance itself from Stephens and the WSJ gang and redeem themselves by campaigning hard for Trump.

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