Trump Must Concentrate on Defeating the Enemy Within The Gates

It is a tough challenge to be President of a leading world power when the main enemy is within the gates and there are unfriendly forces on both borders. To make matters worse for President Donald Trump, his predecessor deliberately left a trail seeded with mines.

This last weekend our beleaguered President spent time entertaining the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife, juggled the negotiating ball with a territorially and economically expansive China, sought to hold the line between Ukrainian independence and Russian irredentism, pondered a reaction to North Korean nuclear provocation, and prepared for meetings with leaders of Canada and Mexico who are both eager to score points rather than reach agreements.

Foreign affairs will not conveniently go on the back-burner for a US President who inherits an eight years Presidency of American betrayal, dilettantism and ineffectual posturing. To make matters worse, Trump has yet to have a cabinet in place, lacks a trustworthy government machine, and won an election with a domestic economic agenda that requires for success confronting foreign governments.

Restoring American interests in the world, after they had been sold out for decades, would be a tough challenge for a President who was secure at home. Unfortunately, Trump has more enemies at home than abroad, and unlike most of the hostile foreign leaders, the enemies at home want his head on a platter and his followers in gulags. To put it another way, they want a civil war.

We advise all on the Broad Right to refrain from demanding of Trump early victories in foreign affairs but instead that he concentrate on crushing the enemy at home. Stale-mates abroad, even some tactical retreats, will be sufficient until the situation here is resolved by purging the Federal government workforce, breaking the un-Constitutional power of the Federal judiciary, reversing the flow of immigrants, providing an alternative truthful news source to the MSM, breaking up the Silicon Valley monopolies, and taking law and order into the Far Left sanctuary strongholds.

No matter what North Korea does, as long as China does not invade Taiwan, Russia does not invade the rump of Ukraine, and Iran does not attack American warships, a thorough physical and moral rebuilding of America’s armed forces will be sufficient to signal long-term intent to foreign allies and enemies. The Trump priority must be crushing the enemy at home.

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