Trump May Win Battle … But Lose War

It is the contention of this website that America is in the midst of a Revolution and on the cusp of a civil war, brought about by the rise of a Media Class intent on commandeering the machinery of central government and remaking the Nation in its own image. As we have written often, America has long been a nation of Classes but until 2008 had never had a Ruling Class. The Constitution, devolved States’ powers, an armed citizenry, geography and a political consensus that rejected extremism, had blessed America with many Classes and no Ruling Class.

All good things come to an end! In the 1960’s, technology provided fertile ground for the creation of a Media Class whose power burgeoned as a result of a television set in every home, a public appetite for 24/7 entertainment, the resulting marriage of TV and Hollywood, and the transformation of News into Entertainment. This is a brief summary of a natural process of Class creation that unfolded almost unnoticed through the 1970’s and into the 1980’s, by which time the rising new Media Class had imposed its moral and cultural ‘values’ on Americans through its mass entertainment and, using the power of its Mainstream Media (MSM) to misinform, persecute and promote, had captured the Democrat Party by purging its traditional elements.

Although the Media Class grew in size by absorbing the worlds of Fashion, Advertising and pro-Sport, it was not numerically strong enough to win elections and thus capture legislative power. A natural alliance with the Far Left in Academia, the Public Service Unions, and certain minorities, solved that problem, and in 2008, Barack Obama, financed by Hollywood billionaire perverts and promoted by the MSM, won the Presidency for the Media Class and its Far Left allies.

Over the following eight years, with skillful MSM help, Obama pursued a Revolutionary agenda for the Media Class by increments and stealth, casting the Constitution aside, centralizing government, purging its workforce, and gradually suppressing free speech. Using the power of Government to pick winners and losers in the economy, the Ruling Class brought on board Big Business leaders who began to enforce its social policies. Collaborating Republican Party leaders were rewarded for enthusiastic compliance, and the MSM intimidated the rest. With all this in place, the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies expected to win the next Presidential election and complete its Revolution by erasing traditional institutions and criminalizing all opposition. All that was left, was to retain the Presidency in the 2016 election and proceed to completion.

In this context, it is easy to see why the Media Class and its Far Left allies are unwilling to concede a Revolutionary agenda by accepting the unexpected result of an election with a razor-thin Counter-Revolutionary victory. As a Revolutionary force, the Media Class/Far Left alliance was never going to give up its newly acquired power. Violence has lurked beneath the surface of its rule from the beginning and was emerging more openly in the final pre-election days. We can now see that the ousted Alliance is preparing to overthrow the Trump Presidency by mass demonstrations, no-go big cities, non-compliance with the Trump government by government workers, the intimidation and isolation of Republican Congressmen, and a preparation for civil war.

On the Right there is complacency, best expressed by such remarks as “the Dems need to get over it, they lost!” and “we won, they will tire of their protests”. Where others see approaching Far Left exhaustion, on this website we see events moving to a violent crescendo. By coincidence, in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal a book review by Ian Beckett is headed “The Myth of Decisive Battle”. The book is the work of Cathal J. Nolan and is titled “The Allure of Battle”. Trump – God bless him – won a battle in November, but the war is just beginning. The historian who has written this book argues that history shows that single battle-wins almost never bestow victory and that real winning is the result of much longer conflict. On this website we believe that Trump must defeat the enemy before he can remake America. This must include destroying the power of the MSM, taking control of the streets, and seeking out and arresting those who are plotting violence.

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