Trump Is Beyond The Pale

While I was waiting in the airport lounge in Orlando on Sunday morning I caught a glimpse of the CNN News headline which featured film of Chris Christie. My first assumption was that he was in the news because he had withdrawn from the Republican primary race. When I investigated further I learned that he had, according to CNN, just received a “massive boost” in New Hampshire.

My mind reeled as I tried to come to grips with the possibility that the cuddly Chris had toppled Trump and the rest of the field in the latest Opinion Poll in that trend-setting early-primary State.

The whole news item turned out to be yet another installment of Mainstream Media propaganda, for Christie had merely received an endorsement from an editor in a local newspaper. As it happened his percentage in the latest New Hampshire Opinion Poll was the measly few percent he has been getting for weeks. And The Donald was still riding high.

The MSM is straining to report any far-fetched nonsense about the Republican race, except the truth about Trump’s continued domination. This tells us much, not only about how the stamina of his support is roiling the MSM and Republican Elites, but about his unique position beyond the pale. In using this term ‘beyond the pale’, I am assuming that our website visitors know its meaning.

For those who don’t know the history of British rule in Ireland, the ‘pale’ was the area ruled by the British, and the area beyond it was considered uncivilized, primitive, dangerous and its natives in need of subjugation.

Those tens of thousands of Americans who are gathering at Trump rallies, are, like Trump himself, considered ‘beyond the pale’ by our Ruling Class and the collaborators who are invested in its continued Rule. For the record, thousands packed into the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday evening. Thousands more who could not get in were addressed by Trump outside. These are people considered beyond the pale. There seems to be an awful lot of them and they keep turning up at his meetings filled with energy and enthusiasm. As we wrote in an earlier article, the Republican Elite, whose support is switching from the limp Bush campaign to Rubio‘s equally limp campaign, would be happy if those considered beyond the pale lost interest in politics and stayed home.

Fox News, another anti-Trump Media power, has been doing its bit to boost Kasich, perhaps fearful that Rubio is also failing to gain traction with the grass roots. Fox may be right that Rubio is not a winner but Kasich is surely a sign of their desperation. A recent Economist/YouGov poll sampled between 19 – 23rd November had Trump at 36%, Rubio 14%, Cruz 12%, Carson 10%, Bush 6%, Fiorina, Paul and Kasich all at 4%, Christie 3%, Huckabee 2% and Graham 1%.

A more recent Reuters/Ipsos Poll had Trump “slumping” to 31%, Carson 14.9%, Cruz and Rubio 8.4%, Bush 6.5%, Huckabee 4.8%, Kasich 4.5%, Christie (fresh from his endorsement) 4.3%, Paul 2.6% and Fiorina 1.8%. Kasich does not appear to have surged with Fox support!

In Revolutionary times like these, we must expect that language, truth and morals are turned upside down. Trump and the thousands who converge on his meetings are not beyond the pale. They are the Americans who inhabit the civilized world -or that remnant of it that is resisting the descent into debauchery, breathtaking National bankruptcy and entry into the Third World.

It is those who promote men marrying men, sodomy, gender-choice, rioting, looting, arson, the sale of baby-parts, open borders, reckless spending of borrowed money, fear-mongering about rising sea levels and the embrace of Muslim hordes, who are beyond the pale.

It was predictable that the shooting in the vicinity of a Planned Parenthood slaughter house in Colorado, would be used by the MSM to attack gun ownership and anti-abortion protests. When Obama returns from his world-saving speech-making in Paris, he will no doubt find time to phone the baby-killers and commiserate. The accused killer who seemingly has no connections with a Church and is not a father is unlikely to be a man concerned with abortion. According to Ted Cruz the man is a trans-gendered, Leftist activist. If Cruz is correct, do not expect the MSM to deviate from the narrative it has begun.

This morning I heard the beginning of the Limbaugh Talk Radio Show with Mark Belling standing in for Rush. Belling was covering Obama’s Paris speech and asserted that the motive behind the Climate fear-mongering is the destruction of capitalism. There is no doubt that Leftist ideologues are ardent ‘warmists’ but on this website we believe that the real motive of the Elites who are advancing the agenda is Internationalism. Climate Change threat is the vehicle for the abolition of Nation States and the triumph of the UN as a governing body. By this means, resources and wealth can be transferred to the Third World, the European and Oriental races can be ‘browned’, family, language and culture can be re-organized, and the Ruling elite can enjoy unlimited luxury, privileged world travel and unrestrained debauchery.



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