Trump For President! Clinton For Prison!

The Wall Street Journal today led the front page with “Trump Immigration Fallout” written by Reid Epstein and Beth Reinhard. You can add these two ‘reporters’ names to those of Laura Meckler, Jess Bravin, Kristina Peterson and Michael Bender as WSJ Media whores and propagandists for the Far Left.

Yesterday on this website we refuted the claim by the globalists and their MSM mouthpieces, that Trump is retreating on illegal immigrant action. He is simply becoming more specific as the election nears. Sarah Palin and others who are now lending credibility to the MSM cannot possibly have believed that Trump as President could deport all illegal residents by force or a stroke of the pen.

So great is the damage done by George Bush and Obama’s twenty years of open borders, that no-one has any idea of the numbers involved. Eleven million seems to be the lowest estimate but the real number could be as high as thirty million. Even eleven million is a massive number and Trump knows that as a newly-elected President his actions to repel and reverse the alien invasion, deliberately engineered by two previous Presidents, will be limited by reality.

Palin, (and there are other Right-wing purists playing the same game) by calling Trump’s statements into question, is attempting to regain popularity with the Broad Right, and doing so from the sidelines to which she was condemned by feckless political moves and a feckless family. Unlike Trump, she will not have to bear the responsibilities of office, acknowledge practical and political limitations, and win the co-operation of the Nation in the pursuit of a policy that has inescapable human costs.

The MSM, by inflating the alleged ‘flip-flop’ issue – and next it will be the ‘bigotry’ issue – is succeeding in diverting to small print the Clinton pay-to-play scandal that is re-emerging each day with new evidence of criminality. For those who have retained a sense of reality, it is astonishing that the facts surfacing within Hillary Clinton’s illegally-concealed State Department emails, are failing to ripple the surface of MSM reporting, and failing to bring about Clinton’s downfall by criminal charges.

We seem to have reached the stage where no matter what damning evidence of Clinton lying and criminality Julian Assange releases, or Judicial Watch prises out, or the Associated Press uncovers, Hillary enjoys Teflon status from the MSM, and a life-time pardon from the judiciary. We are indeed living in a Revolutionary era of Far Left propaganda and arbitrary law.

Another distraction from the Clinton crimes, a distraction to which some on the Broad Right have contributed, is the issue of Hillary Clinton’s health. This issue has no rewards for Trump and carries a risk for the Broad Right.

It may be that she has a catheter, has become shaky on her legs, gets tired quickly, takes daily medications and suffers from thyroid gland troubles. But when she gets in front of a camera she is full of venom and spews it with force, pace, effectiveness and confidence. We may be repulsed by her squawking voice, cruel glittering eyes and shameless lies, but with MSM and DOJ help, she is managing very well to shoulder a heavy baggage of decades of scandal. Any revealed physical ailments will increase the sympathy and identification of millions of aging White women.

Some on the Broad Right believe that Trump will destroy her in the debates. Not likely! She is ten times more shameless than any of Trump’s Republican former competitors, sharp as a needle and battle-hardened. She will also enjoy the protective atmosphere of the Media setting. She may even make the most of her physical frailty as she faces a ‘bullying’ man. Trump will need to be at the top of his game to emerge victorious.

Today’s USC Dornsife/LA Times daily tracking poll has Trump on 44.3 and Clinton 43.6. The Mason-Dixon Polling and Research poll for Florida has Clinton on 44 and Trump on 42. There may be some MSM Clinton bias in both polls, but given the MSM onslaught on Trump, it would be a miracle if he was racing clear.

Finally, in the Arizona Republican primary, the back-stabbing McCain and Kelli Ward are said to be tied in the polls. We hope Ward wins by a mile and then wins the State‘s Senate seat.

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