Trump Consolidates at Top

There have been a number of opinion poll results released up to and over the weekend. Some have been considered unreliable because they are commissioned by Leftist and establishment sources. Others are suspect because of small sampling. Despite possible bias, all have shown Donald Trump leading Walker and Bush, his main rivals at this time, and the rest of the Republican pack of hopefuls trailing.

This morning (August 3rd), the Monmouth University poll, with a wider sample of respondents, issued what has to be the latest meaningful snapshot of the Republican Presidential contest. The findings will have stunned the Walker and Bush camps and shocked the Republican establishment and its Big Business paymasters as well as the whole Media Class, its Leftist allies and all those who are working for the demise of the American Nation State, its Christian culture and its distinctive people.

Donald Trump himself may not be fully aware of the subterranean force he is unearthing but it is the belief of this website that his unapologetic demand for border enforcement, expulsion of illegal criminals and the restoration of American self-interest, has re-ignited an American Nationalism that has been increasingly suppressed over decades of Media Class/Leftist ascendancy.

No-one knows for sure how dynamic and widespread is this Nationalism but we believe that if Trump continues to stand the ground he has occupied he will reach beyond the grass roots of the Republican Party and conservatives and mobilize support among many who normally abstain from politics. Nationalism, and the attachment to borders, language and culture it represents, are, whether Trump realizes it or not, an expression of the traditional family, property rights, citizenship, safety and common sense. Internationalism, which at its core is the expression of a Leftist ideology replacing common sense, means the abandonment of borders, language and culture, redistribution of property enforced by totalitarian rule and universal impoverishment in the pursuit of equality. It appeals only to the disaffected, the perverted, the psychopathic, the unsuccessful, those without family and issue, the envious and those who see themselves as a superior master class destined to rule.

Today’s poll gives The Donald 26%, Walker 12% and the ‘entitled’ Bush a mere 11%. The sincere but un-charismatic trio of Cruz, Huckabee and Carson are at 6% and 5% respectively and the rest are no-where. This poll’s biggest shock for the sinister forces who intend the 2016 election result to seal the irreversible victory of the Revolution, is that the maverick Nationalist Trump’s favorability rating is now 52% to 35%.

————————– Donald Trump (26%)

———— Scott Walker (12%)

———– Jeb Bush (11%)

—— Ted Cruz (6%)

—— Mike Huckabee (6%)

—– Ben Carson (5%)

Trump’s continued rise in popularity cannot be attributed to new policy initiatives, new campaign tactics or changing external forces. It can only be attributed to the growing appeal of his original raw expression of a simple Nationalism from which he has not retreated. It tells us more about the subterranean force of nationalism he has tapped into than it does about any Trump campaign plan. Indeed, it is not clear that he has a traditional campaign plan at all but is relying on his business instincts and the inspiration of growing grass roots support.

Part of his populist appeal has been his initial unsophisticated and unguarded speech-making. Now his unorthodox method of campaigning and irreverence towards the MSM and the Republican Party elite may be adding to his grass roots support. Many are not judging him by the old elitist measurements that have brought forth conservative ‘warriors’ like Bush One, Bush Two, McCain and Romney.

His enemies may be failing to see that the lack of professionalism in his campaign and his failure to abide by the rules they have set are enabling him to define himself as different from the rest. His unconcerned admission this weekend that he has no debating skills but is a ‘doer’, was a master move and revealed once again his instinct for the times. “They” he said referring to all the rivals he will face in the televised debates, are good at debating because “they debate all the time”. And he scored a direct hit when he added that they constantly debate and never achieve anything. His admirers will be reminded of the endless debates about sealing the border and the absence of action. They will see Trump as a President who instead of talking will deliver border security.

His (and our) enemies look to the approaching televised debate as the point at which he will be shamed for his lack of debating skills. But his lack of debating sophistication and his dismissal of its importance may mean that many Americans will welcome him as the man of action they have been waiting for.

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