Trump Braves Border- Merkel Blinks Again

Despite the Washington-based regime’s attempt to sabotage his Laredo, Texas border visit, The Donald succeeded both in visiting the Mexican border and once again grabbing the Media’s reluctant attention.

Although the border guard‘s union obeyed regime orders to withdraw the Trump invitation, The Donald proceeded to Laredo, observed the porous border, took some physical risks, and was enthusiastically greeted by border guards and policemen who ignored Washington advice. Best of all, the MSM propagandists, no doubt hoping to capture a Trump fiasco, were present in large numbers and found themselves recording another Trump triumph.

Trump was in ebullient form behind the microphone and facing the cameras and crowd; wearing his baseball cap jauntily; praising the courage and commitment of the border guards and tellingly pointing out that they could do an effective job on the border if freed from restrictions. An attempt by a Mexican TV reporter to entrap him with selective statistics backfired and gave The Donald an opportunity to denounce Media dishonesty and bias and remind his audience that he is suing the reporter’s company for $500m. This brought cheers, especially when Trump dismissed the reporter’s attempt to continue.

Trump’s border visit should have been a mere sideshow in the Republican primary contest, yet The Donald’s ability to seize the initiative, impose his agenda on it, and act as though his overall relationship with the hostile MSM is happy, reveals one of his strengths. He is unfazed by his enemies, almost dismissive of them and gives the impression of a man who knows how to outwit them.

Another strength not yet understood by his opponents and enemies is his rejection of the set speech. Every time he faces an audience and the MSM he eschews notes and prompters, seems to have no premeditated agenda and chats as if unveiling his spontaneous thoughts. Frequently he digresses into anecdotes that are only partly relevant and is on the verge of rambling. Yet, just in time, he always returns to the point. His underlying characteristics appear to be a sense of humor, informality and optimism. He doesn’t seem to care that his improvising, loose-talk, style might lead to imprudent and politically incorrect statements. Perhaps most normal Americans find this refreshing, and reassuring when he later refuses to walk them back.
His biggest strength is one which his detractors believe will be his ultimate weakness. He refuses to get into detail. When talking about the border he simply says with confidence that he will seal it. When talking about foreign affairs he simply says that President Trump will hold the best cards when dealing with enemies and will face them down. Despite his Washington enemies and Republican rivals’ claims that the realities are complex and largely insuperable, Trump taps into the belief of many Americans that their country, when properly led, has the power and innovative talent to do what is required.

The 2012 televised Presidential debates and the failure of the wizard of financial detail Paul Ryan to match the bombastic, simplistic Biden, are proof that few voters want detail, only large-scale intent. Trump will do well to avoid laying out detailed eye-glazing policies and stick to a simple intent to put things right.

Trump’s campaign continues to excite, to be unpredictable, to be politically incorrect, to be informal and incautious, to be plain-speaking and to be solely focused on American’s best interests. He is no internationalist and this infuriates the Bush/Perry Republicans, Rupert Murdoch and the WSJ editors.

Today’s Journal’s front-page picture under the heading, “Trump, Riding High in Polls, Takes His Run to the Border” is a cunning piece of propaganda for it shows Trump as a small figure waving from a limousine but dwarfed by a sun-glassed, unsmiling policeman in the foreground who looks like a Nazi SS guard. The picture is clearly designed to make it appear that Trump is isolated and protected from the Texas public. In reality he is a candidate who can plunge into a crowd because he is both fearless and popular. So far he has shown the ability to overcome MSM attempts to frame him as an empty showman and rabble rouser appealing only to the politically unsophisticated. Instead he is being seen as a ‘man of the people’.

Meanwhile those who can see through the MSM propaganda will recognize the empty posturing of ‘sophisticated’ internationalist politicians.

Several times in previous articles we commented on the false reporting of the ‘confrontation’ between Angela Merkel and Greek PM Tsipras. We maintained that Merkel blinked during the negotiations. Even now the MSM and the Internationalists of the EU are pretending that Greece has capitulated and the EU has whipped Greece into line and severe austerity.

Here are some quotes from the WSJ report dated July 21st. “Greece paid its most pressing debts”. “Buying itself …breathing room, the Greek government met a Monday deadline to pay 4.2 billion Euros to the European Central Bank and paid off some 2 billion Euros in arrears to the International Monetary Fund”.
Here’s the kicker! “The money came from a short-term bridge loan that EU officials arranged last week to cover the debts”. “Clearing the arrears to the IMF allows for the Washington-based fund once again to take part in assisting Athens”.

In other words, Greece has yet to come up with a dime in repayments. No wonder Tsipras is receiving a hero’s welcome from the Greek people. We wait to see if the ‘austerity package’ will contain a single cut in pensions and welfare payments. The truth is that Greece has had other people’s money, squandered it, and can never repay it. If anyone has suffered losses it is those taxpayers whose countries fund the EU and IMF. This is redistribution on a grand scale in a pursuit of an internationalist agenda.

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