Third Party Is Good News

Not so long ago many in the Republican and Conservative establishments were demanding that Donald Trump fully commit to the Party by forswearing a Third Party run if he failed to get the nomination. He was the only candidate required to commit, but he did so. Now that he is the nominee in all but name, many of those who demanded his commitment to the Party are now working to set up a Third Party Presidential candidate to run in November.

It is doubtful if there is one among these experienced politicians and commentators who believes that their Third Party candidate of the Right could win the White House. On the practical level it would be impossible to enter their candidate in many States as the deadline for nomination has passed. Although these renegades will be well-funded, they are aware that they could not, in the less than 6 months available, develop an effective enough Nationwide organization to win.

Their goal is not to capture White House but to ensure that Trump is denied the Presidency. They are plotting a continuation of the ‘Never Trump’ campaign. Having failed to stop him winning the Republican nomination, they now aim to prevent him winning the Presidency. They are of course well aware that their Third Party run, no matter how forlorn, can only achieve a Clinton victory, and this is their goal.

There are those Republicans who so detest Donald Trump as a personality that they cannot bring themselves to give his ongoing campaign practical help, even though this means withdrawing support from their Party’s Presidential bid. The Bush family, whose own November White House expectations were plucked from their grasp by Trump, despite their investment of tens millions of dollars, are understandably bitter. The defeat they experienced, their biggest in politics, was a humiliation, and it was inflicted by a man they probably consider socially inferior. They have announced their intention of withdrawing from the Convention, and not voting for Trump, but it is unlikely that they will openly support a Third Party which could damage the chances of Congressional and State Republicans. We shall see, but in any case the Bush family’s public severance from Trump and the Party will demonstrate that neither are contaminated by special interests and a sense of entitlement.

Other former primary rivals and opponents are beginning to rally to the Party’s choice, including Rick Perry, Rick Scott, and Mike Huckabee. Ben Carson and Chris Christie are actively supporting Trump. Ted Cruz, no matter how bitter he may feel, will not seek a Clinton victory, and many prominent Republicans including Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giulianni have announced their support for Trump. It is obviously a giant step from having reservations about Trump, his style and his personality, to seeking a Clinton Presidency and dividing the Republican Party, State by State.

A list of some 90+ prominent Republican supporters of a Third Party has been drawn up on the Internet. A few may be opportunists who see an opportunity to further a career by getting the spotlight. Ben Sasse comes to mind. But most on the list are driven by an ideological commitment to racial Internationalism, or an obsession with free market economics and Libertarianism that excludes all other considerations. Neither belong in the truly Conservative camp.

On this website we have always claimed that American Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism are three parts of a triangle and inseparable unless taken to extremes – and extremism is never Conservative. Christianity in America and Europe has shaped all their traditional institutions, and the Nation State is an expression of the people’s historic endeavors.

Market Place competition ensures economic efficiency, economic progress and individual freedom and has contributed to making America great. But those who would sacrifice the Nation’s working people and the Nation’s independence on the alter of an unfettered international free trade are not Conservative.

The list of Third Party plotters includes George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Brent Bozell, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol, George Pataki, Jennifer Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Mitt Romney, Thomas Sowell, Christine Todd Whitman, Paul Singer and GayPatriot Org. Most are scribblers and well-paid Mainstream Media pawns. Some are social liberals who have no place in a Conservative and Nationalist Party, for their goals rot a Nation‘s people from within.

We should welcome the exodus of all of these false Conservatives from the Republican Party. There is nothing better than a voluntary purge of those whose presence is secretly divisive. Their public separation under a new banner, their obvious detachment from grass-roots America, and their program of Internationalism and social degeneration, will strengthen the appeal of a Nationalist, Christian, Conservative Republican Party. Good riddance to them!

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