The Shameless Democrats

As yet another video surfaces of the brutal Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PP) killing of babies it is tempting for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to just throw up their hands in a mixture of horror and resignation. The callousness of the staff of that shameless organization is a reminder that once cruelty and barbarism are State- sanctioned, a surprising number of ordinary citizens are ready and willing to participate.

If these cold-blooded female killers of Planned Parenthood are not held accountable for their participation maybe it is time to stop condemning the SS guards at Treblinka, Auschwitz and all the other Nazi concentration camps. And let us stop digging into the history of the USSR gulags and planned famines that eliminated tens of millions of ‘unwanted’ Soviet citizens. Since PP’s active participation in our very own holocaust is officially approved, we must recognize that Obama’s America has joined the old Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany in the march of Godless progress.

The reaction of shock and horror that many on the Right are experiencing has not however resulted in a proper understanding of the Revolutionary under-current that is simultaneously propelling so many shocking repudiations of old standards. We are living through a Revolution that has been advanced by stealth. Our new Revolutionary Ruling Class, with its undetected control of the MSM, has been able to with-hold and distort real News, whilst dulling American minds with corrupting entertainment. In alliance with a Far Left, grown big with Government employment, our Ruling Class coalition is imposing on a distracted America a new ’progressive’ morality. The abortion factories of Planned Parenthood and the degenerate public celebrations misnamed ‘Gay Parades’ are just two surface manifestations of the powerful Revolutionary under-current.

The most significant aspect of the public revelation of baby-murdering factories is that horror is only registering on the Right. Whatever sense of civilized decency still remains in America has survived only among those whose minds have not been captured by the MSM. Democrat Party leaders, in the face of brutal facts, have boldly stepped forward to defend PP. It is the belief of this website that the Democrat Party rank-and-file and those who regularly vote Democrat are as enthusiastic to support PP as their leaders. They are not at all troubled by the moral standards of the past.

We have long argued that the Democrat Party was systematically purged in the latter decades of the last Century when the Media Class, in the search for a mass political party to popularize, promote and legislate its Revolutionary agenda, adopted the Party and commenced driving out Christians and patriots from its ranks. This is why the Party now has no voice for aborted babies. Not one member breaks ranks on this, SSM, immigration or any of the other litmus test issues. The Democrat Party, long purged of dissent, is a Party preparing the way for totalitarianism.

Not surprisingly, a Party that has embraced internal totalitarianism and is committed to creating a totalitarian society, is a Party whose leadership is characterized by psychopaths and whose membership admires them. Totalitarian organizations appeal to idealism in the masses, dismissing human nature as a dangerous and reactionary obstacle and when in power embark on grand idealistic schemes, but they are inevitably led by grand psychopaths and their ranks filled with those who admire them.

This explains not only the Democrat support for PP but also the current shameless behavior of Hillary Clinton as she brazenly dismisses the email scandal along with Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation moneymaking and a long trail of nefarious schemes concocted by her and her husband. It explains Obama’s compulsive lying and the behavior of Kerry, Gore, Pelozi, Reid and so many prominent Democrats. Recordings of Hillary shamelessly brushing aside her email deceits reveal an adoring Democrat audience.

No doubt there are psychopaths on our side but the Republican Party, for all its faults, is not a totalitarian Party and has not purged morality from its ranks. The current large field of candidates has many principled contestants and the contest itself is proof that Party dissent has not been eliminated. Donald Trump is remarkably truthful about his past, good-natured towards opponents and honest about his policies. What a contrast between the Republican field and Hillary Clinton!

One last comment about The Donald and his campaign. In military terms he has pierced the defenses of the Ruling Class with his immigration attack. Now is the time to pour our troops through the breech!

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