The Papacy Turns Sharp Left

Almost from the moment this Argentinian was elected Pope it was clear that he was a progressive. It was highly unlikely that any Cardinal from South America would be a conservative and the Argentine has long been the home of State Socialism. More disturbing than the election of Francis is what it tells us about the College of Cardinals. Either too many had no idea that Francis was more interested in politics than theology or they were eager to undo the legacy of his predecessor.

On this website we have never been enamored of the Roman Catholic Church other than its stout resistance, in this era of Media Class ascendancy, to abortion and homosexuality. A Religion that entrusts its young followers to Priests who have chosen not to marry, invites moral corruption and the sexual exploitation of young boys. Furthermore a Religion that is authoritarian, weighed down with bureaucracy and costly to maintain has to adapt and compromise with Governments and elites. It was only a matter of time until the Catholic Church sought to appease and accommodate the wealthy, powerful Ruling Media Classes of the Western World.

Just as relevant is the internationalism of the Catholic Church and its shared characteristics with the UN. In a few countries Catholicism has become an expression of Nationhood, Poland being a prime example, but generally the Church and its Popes have looked beyond Europe for growth. In many ways the Church has been a model for modern-day Socialists – much lecturing on behalf of the poor, concern for the environment and calls for the transfer of wealth, while its leadership enjoys pomp, protection from financial insecurity and global travel.

This writer, whose experiences of Religion came from back-street Gospel Halls and the working Class Salvation Army, has always been slightly nauseated by single men in robes that resemble wedding dresses, incense burning, and endless rituals. In my England of yesteryear, the Catholic Church was associated with National disloyalty, elitism, fancy dress, idolatry and ignorance. What is more the congregations did not sing stirring hymns about Fight the Good Fight.

Pope Francis has an agenda little different from that of Obama, the UN and the Western World’s Media Classes. Beware a man who has chosen to live always among men rather than with a woman! After he has achieved Media and Leftist approval for his environmentalism, open borders and redistribution calls, expect him to call upon the Church to embrace SSM, sodomy, and gender diversity. There are few institutions whose leaders are willing to resist the forces of the Revolution.

We continue to support Donald Trump. Earlier this week he had a splendid interview in South Carolina with Tim Scott and an enthusiastic audience. Trump is radically different from all the others, even when they espouse the same policies. When he says that he will build that wall on the border you can believe him. When others say they will build the wall you know they will get bogged down with opposition in Congress, endless delaying processes, official procedures, legal obstacles or threats of civil disobedience.


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