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I recently mentioned the attacks on my property as a result of displaying Trump signs. Each was a minor attack and not to be compared with the brutal violent attacks and devastating financial blows suffered by many members of America’s Broad Right. From Christian bakers to Berkeley College Republicans to Senator Scalise, the victims of revolutionary hatred have been paying a big price for the exercise of Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom. My price, so far, has been small.

But now, my access to the website ‘radical and right’ has been sabotaged and this last post has to be made from a public facility. For me it is the last straw, for I see no hope that ‘our side’ has the measure of the enemy and his willingness to win at all costs.

More than 10 years ago on this website we argued that a new Class had been created by the accidental marriage of technology, economic factors and social trends. We named this new Class the ‘Media Class’, described its constituent parts and their pre-determined agenda.

We pointed out that this new Class, because of its control over news and information, and its growing wealth, sought Ruling Class political power in order to remake America in its own image.

We warned that its unparalleled propaganda power through control of news and entertainment, was especially dangerous because the Media Class was able to conceal its existence, even as it set about crushing its opponents.

We explained how it had, by using its hidden control over news, purged the old Democratic Party, in order to forge an alliance with the Far-Left and thus gain the foot-soldiers and political organization necessary to capture the legislative process – all the while remaining concealed as the senior partner.

As events unfolded, we claimed that the Media Class agenda was absolutely revolutionary, as are all new-Class agendas throughout history. This was no less true because it was a social/moral agenda. We wrote that its Far-Left allies had a revolutionary socialist economic agenda of redistribution, internationalism and totalitarianism. We always claimed that the alliance was comfortable because of its revolutionary common ground.

When Obama captured the White House in 2008, we asserted that the Media Class had finally won power in America and that the old politics based on the Constitution and a patriotic consensus was over, even though the MSM would continue to promote this convenient fiction.

We have long argued that the new Media Class is unlike any new Class in history because its roots and wealth are in the world of fantasy and moral degeneracy. We warned that the moral corruption of homosexuality, sado-masochism, gross materialism and dysfunctionalism that the new Ruling Class sought to impose on America was a deadly threat and not a mere fringe issue.

Before the 2016 election campaign even started, we claimed that America was embroiled in a concealed revolutionary civil war and that the old politics-as-usual contest that the Republican Party insisted on fighting was a recipe for defeat.

When Donald Trump placed a moderate and non-doctrinaire Nationalism at the center of his campaign, we soon recognized that he had transformed the political struggle. There were a few others who were ahead of us – Michael Savage was ahead of everyone – but we were quick to see that Trump had awoken and unleashed a powerful force among the native American working people, and we employed the terms, ‘counter-revolutionary’ and ‘Broad Right’ to describe the forces that will not survive a victory for the revolutionaries. These are those who regard themselves as Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists.

As the election contest narrowed down to Trump and Clinton, we on this website explained that the Democratic Party was merely the tool of the Media Class and that the emergence of the MSM as a naked and united political force was explained only by it being the voice of the Media Class.

When Trump won an unexpected and narrow victory (within the rules of the Constitution), we immediately warned that the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class would not accept a defeat for its 8-year-long Revolutionary program, and that the revolutionary civil war would become more obvious.

Revolutions are not contested within rules. Revolutionaries reject the past and wish to remake the world and write new rules. Compromise is anathema and the old opposition must be destroyed, not just temporarily defeated. It was our belief that the Ruling Class – after 8 years of Obama – had captured the machinery of Government and would remain the Ruling Class with no intention of conceding power to a Trump Presidency and a Republican legislature.

We wrote that Trump should remove his government machinery out of Washington and place it in friendly territory such as Kansas. We also wrote that Trump, in order to survive the onslaught of a Ruling Class, should set aside foreign affairs and all the normal functions of past pre-2008 Presidencies, and using the power of the Presidency, his followers and the military, pursue a single-minded war against the forces of revolution.

This has not happened, and the failure to go on full offense against the internal enemy has Trump isolated and hemmed in. Sessions has been a failure, leaving the FBI and other security agencies unpurged of enemy forces. Clinton and all the other criminals remain at large and it is Trump and his family who are the prisoners.

Lenin and Trotsky understood that in revolutionary times, events are decided not by ordinary people and majorities, but by vanguards and cadres. The Far-Left has its vanguard forces and Soros cadres and they are thirsting for a fight to the death – ours not theirs.

On the Broad Right are the citizens who are individually armed, appear at Trump rallies, and make contact through Talk Radio and websites. They are poorly organized compared to the Far-Left Revolutionaries.

In the political middle are the vast majority of Americans who are busy with work, taking care of home, scanning the MSM headlines, sending their kids to be brainwashed at schools and colleges, soaking up propaganda presented as entertainment, getting legs waxed and nails painted, walking their dogs, getting passionate about pro-sports, indulging in drugs, and relentlessly retreating from Christianity, their old tested values, and any concern about borders, language, and culture.

Trump is losing touch with his vanguard and the intellectuals of the Broad Right – in so far as they exist – have failed to recognize the true nature of the revolution and its sources. The enemies of the Broad Right and of the Trump Presidency do not intend to tolerate their continued existence, and Trump – lacking an ideological basis – appears increasingly out of his depth.

If and when the civil war erupts into the open, this demoralized writer will take his place, but until then he has been effectively silenced.


  1. The broad right is in the process of recognizing the enemy, organizing in opposition comes later. People used to think of leftists as good hearted yet misguided fools. Now we realize their do goodism is just a cover for their hatred of white males and traditional families.

    Things are therefore changing fast; just look at the implosion in media credibility. I’d hang in there. Don’t mistake the wild flailings of the desperate as a carefully thought out attack.

    The FBI is inert because it’s still waiting on a boss. When they start opening the can of worms that is the Clinton foundation they’ll trigger a chain reaction that’ll nuke the swamp.

  2. Or to put another way; the cold civil war that progressive liberals have waging against the American Republic, since the founding of the Republican Party, is close to total success. All they have to do is watch Trump fail to deliver on his campaign promises(because of their relentless sabotage); and they win a prize not worth having.

    To be lined up against a wall and shot by their own side.

    America is fubared.

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