The Healthy Trump Looks Healthy In Latest Opinion Polls

Attempts by the Mainstream Media to portray Donald Trump’s physical health as little better than that of Hillary Clinton, will only work with the most ignorant voters. Well, yes, a large proportion of the Democrat voter base is ignorant, but they will turn out and vote for Hillary on election day, even if she is in a nursing home or a coffin. Intelligent voters will not be impressed, nor some of the Democrat elite insiders who must be having sleepless nights.

Trump, doctor’s note not withstanding, looks extremely healthy, is pursuing a dynamic campaign schedule, and exudes the emotional energy of a man who feels good within himself. We can all see that he goes up steps unaided, speaks several times a day for an hour at a time, and as yet has not required physical assistance from anyone. Quite frankly, he is a marvel for his age and his fitness probably represents good genes and a lifetime’s healthy diet.

Clinton, in contrast, in the last few years has endured a series of health problems that at first seemed unrelated to each other but which may now be betraying the onset of a serious progressive illness. It is a credit to the propaganda power of the MSM, and the discipline of the Mafia-like Clinton machine, that the latest dramatic episode at the 9/11 ceremony has been passed off as run-of-the-mill, ‘over-working’ exhaustion.

There must be some Democrat elitists who are realistic enough to see that Hillary Clinton has too many problems and needs to be replaced, even at this late stage. Her emerging health problems provided an opportunity to remove her, but it seems that the Clinton machine has been able to snuff out any rebellion, at least for the time being. And the MSM, lacking leadership, remains committed to propping up her candidacy.

This is good news for all members of the Broad Right and the Donald Trump campaign. With every day that Hillary Clinton continues to run, the likelihood of her having more health problems increases, and the time gets shorter for the Democrats to replace her with a strong candidate. As we have already written in a previous article, Tim Kaine is her running mate and legitimate successor. It is possible that he would rise to the occasion and reveal great charisma, but up until now he has impressed as a figure 9 without a tail!

Meanwhile Trump’s opinion poll numbers are looking as healthy as is he. The LATimes/USC Daily Tracking poll, which we have long considered the most reliable of all polls because it never recorded wild swings, has Trump at 47 and Clinton at 41. Not only is Trump’s lead of 6 impressive but 47 is the highest he has achieved in the poll.

The People’s Pundit Daily US Presidential Election Daily Tracking Poll has Trump at 45, Clinton at 40, Johnson at 8 and Stein at 3. This one is close to the LATimes result.

Rasmussen Reports has Trump at 42, Clinton at 40, Johnson at 7 and Stein at 2. This is a slim lead for Trump but overall the numbers validate the daily tracking polls.

If Iowa is a bell-weather State, the latest poll numbers there further validate the National daily tracking poll numbers. The Monmouth University Poll has Trump at 45, Clinton at 37, Johnson at 8 and Stein at 2. If this poll is anywhere near correct, Iowa is no longer a battleground State. Since it borders Kansas, where Trump is winning handily, neighboring Nebraska’s polling numbers and Missouri’s may give a clue about America’s heartland. If any website visitor has the latest from these States, please post them.

One final piece of good news! Korean Americans are deplorable and in the basket with us. 63% support Trump and 36% support Clinton. This is no surprise to us. We know several Koreans here in California who are Deplorable. Despite language and cultural challenges, and having arrived in the US penniless, they have got themselves educated, started businesses and never acted like victims. Their opinion of African American protesters cannot be printed on this website.

Global Warming Watch

The MSM recently carried reports that this year is the hottest on record. Just for the real record, here in middle California, July, August and now September have been notable for an absence of 100F days.

Meanwhile, our contact in Starcross, Devon, UK reports that the village is still above high tide level.

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