Trump, Health Care, the Wall and the Pervert’s Agenda

This morning Rush Limbaugh beat me to it, for I intended to write that the Health Care Senate fiasco has revealed that the Republican Party’s near-fatal internal divisions exist regardless of Trump’s Presidency.

In the opinion of this writer it would have been better for the Broad Right if the Republican Senators had sent for signature to Trump a bill that was an ideologically-muddled and opportunistically-compromised alternative to Obamacare. That would be better than revealing legislative paralysis on the Right. As long as a bill sustained the insurance companies still in the field and revived some of those who have left Obamacare, it would have been an advance.

As we have pointed out many times on this website, the Far-Left marches in lockstep when engaged in warfare. As someone who once regularly marched in a military formation, not marching in lockstep is a disaster. Discipline and unity are essential for those who fight battles and hope to win.

There are reasons why the Far-Left is naturally disciplined and the Broad Right isn’t, but at a time of civil war and the frightening prospect of a Far-Left totalitarian future, the Broad Right needs to make the effort.

Anyone who thinks that a purely free-market health care system is an achievable goal in the USA is an idealist and has no place in our ranks. Some part of health care belongs alongside Public Health, a welfare net, publicly-financed first-responder services, police, courts and military. An urbanized and highly mobile society cannot let sick people die on the streets for lack of care.

But health care is even more complicated by increasing old age, a dynamic advance in treatments, infant survival rates, the gap between responsible personal habits and the bad luck of serious illnesses, and the fears that affect voters who discover that expected good health has deserted them.

And then there is immigration both legal and illegal! Newcomers sabotage any system, public or private, by impinging on those who have paid their share. Halting immigration (except for those who can afford to ‘buy in’), and expelling all illegals is fundamental to establishing a system that treats fairly those who have paid. But it does not solve all problems – and immigration has yet to be tackled!

Our conclusion is that a Broad Right health care bill has to be a barely-digestible compromise between good theory and inconvenient practicalities. Those who cannot make enough compromises to pass a bill have no place in our ranks, for the disunity and paralysis that is now on display seriously threatens the Presidency and all the other battles ahead.

One of those battles is illegal immigration. It is a battle far more important for the Broad Right than creating a Cadillac health care system. Trump’s promise on the wall was at the center of his counter-revolutionary campaign both practically and politically. His credibility with his followers and the uncommitted depends on the fast construction of a real wall. To achieve this goal – a very challenging one – he needs all the political capital he can amass and a disciplined Republican Congress. A health care bill signed and put to bed would have made his path to the wall much easier.

Meanwhile, the news that the military will finance and accommodate the mentally ill perverts who call themselves ‘transgenders’ tells us that Trump has entirely failed to purge the military of our internal enemies.

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