The Far Left Denies Facts, Not Us!

The Far Left and Media Class Alliance enjoys a near-monopoly of mass communication. Consequently, being devoid of principles, they revel in being able to accuse their enemies of possessing their own vices and failings. Those of us on the Broad Right that refute their great lie of (man-made) Climate Change because we see with our own eyes no evidence of rising seas, and experience no global warming, have been dismissed as ‘climate deniers’, guilty of ignoring ‘settled science’.

The aim of this propaganda campaign is to lump us in with flat earth advocates and pre-science civilizations. As it happens, this year the snow has been falling in large quantities on Israel and even in the Sahara Desert for the first time in decades. For the record, here in middle California we have had more than 4 weeks of heavy night-time frosts, broken only by the odd day and night of (welcome) rain.

The Far Left is rather good at denying settled science. It has been proven that IQ levels are not the same for all mankind. Generally, Asians have the highest and Jews also are a few points above Caucasians. Below Caucasians are Central and South Americans and at the bottom are Africans.

Personally as a Caucasian, I am not even slightly bothered by this. Being a realist I have come to terms with the fact that my IQ is probably lower than many Mexicans and African-Americans. Since IQ is only one of several attributes bestowed by God or Nature, I take satisfaction in the abilities that I possess.

But the American Far Left has decreed that because African Americans overall score lower than Whites, the science of intelligence measuring must be dismissed and differences denied.

No-one who respects facts can dismiss the scientific and technical achievements and leadership of Europeans over several centuries, whilst China and Asia slumbered, and Africa never even got started. Despite overwhelming evidence that is in front of our eyes, the Media Class/ Far Left Alliance has now decreed that colleges and schools must deny this, and the search is on for just one achievement below the Sahara in the African Continent.

Every record of crime in the USA covering the last 20 years shows that violent Black-on-White crime is preponderant, yet the Alliance insists that this is a lie and denies the facts.

Can there be a bigger case of the denial of science than the absurd claim that gender is a construct of an oppressive male-dominated society. Or the denial that sodomy is unnatural, disgustingly unhygienic, perverse and rooted in sado/masochism?

And what about the half-educated Obama claiming that Muslims were an important component of America’s early development? Has there ever been a statement made by an American President as foolish and unscientific as that?

Well, it is Christmas Day and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the founding of the Christianity that is responsible for most of the world’s progress from cruelty to compassion. If the people of the Christian world do not soon start getting married and having children in place of dogs, the Muslim world will pitch us all back into cruelty.

This morning I enjoyed the singing of old Carols in a traditional Baptist Church. It occurred to me that ‘Come all ye Faithful’ might be the most profound of all the beautiful Carols that were composed in the last few centuries when European culture was supreme. Merry Christmas to all our website visitors!

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