The Cost Of Islam

Recently we took a trip from San Jose, California to Orlando, Florida. A return flight cost around $1,000 each. Not so many years ago the same flight would have cost around $300 each. Some of the increased cost is due to the imposition of more taxes and a little is inflation, but most of the increase is the cost of thwarting Muslim terrorism.

It is not only the cost that has risen, so too has the time taken to get through the process before boarding. Long, slow-moving lines for baggage checking were followed by even slower-moving lines to pass through the personal security checks. And we had to be at the airport two hours before departure. All of this inconvenience, despite the airports great investment in expensive technology, is due to Islam!

No doubt there is much extra cost- also due to Islam- regarding the security of the airport, and the maintenance and servicing of the aircraft before we board. Workers who toil behind the scenes have to be exhaustively vetted in case one or more are Muslims wanting to turn the plane into a fiery hearse for the infidels on board. If they succeed, Muslims around the world will be dancing in the streets. The vetting is made more difficult thanks to Leftist political correctness that mandates that no Muslim must be denied employment unless caught with a bomb in his lunchbox.

San Jose airport was filled with an officious hierarchy of men and women in blue uniforms. Armies of them clustered around the area to watch as we innocent travelers divested ourselves of belts, shoes, watches, coins, computers and anything metal. Having divested and parted company with our belongings, we passed one by one, under the suspicious eyes of the blue uniforms, through an expensive X-ray machine. This time we emerged from the other side without an alarm going off. Meanwhile, our larger baggage was being subjected somewhere else to the same process.

I am not criticizing the officious army in blue, bloated though its ranks appeared to be. Who can blame them for feeling important, for they consider themselves to be in the front-line in the war to thwart the Muslim terrorists in our midst. Their presence, their overwhelming uniformed numbers, and their officiousness give us some sense of re-assurance that ‘something is being done’! I and my fellow travelers meekly accepted our status as sheep and them as masters.

I told my son, as we sheep waited passively in line, that all of this inconvenience and the huge cost it loaded on to airfares, was not like this twenty years ago. It was a consequence of the eruption of Islamic Imperialism in the Middle East and the Muslim invasion (misnamed immigration) of our country and the Western world.

As I looked around at the sheep, I realized that most were too young to have known a time when air travel was cheap, quick and stress-free. What it is now, is their norm. They assume it has always been like this. They only vaguely connect it to Islam and decades of a mindless and suicidal immigration policy.

All non-Muslim Americans should be outraged and marching with Donald Trump, but they have been brainwashed by the MSM and Leftist politicians who deliberately disconnect cause and effect. Instead of rebellion, my fellow travelers vote for tolerance, inclusion, more of the same, and eventual catastrophe.

The huge cost and inconvenience of the Muslim presence in America is most visible when we travel by air, but it is present when we enter sports arenas, get on trains, deliver our kids to school, and shop in malls. The Department of Homeland Security now employs hundreds of thousands of non-productive workers whose sole function is to prevent Muslims from killing the rest of us. Probably Obama’s FBI spends more time watching and checking Muslims than it does looking for evidence of White on Black hate crimes. And how many police officers are deployed to the same work along with private security companies.

Donald Trump should start talking about the cost of Islam in America until Loretta Lynch has him arrested!

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  1. I ran across a video a few hours ago online that is nothing more than a bleeding heart’s propaganda piece promoting muslim invasion of the U.S., and how awful we real Americans are who resist it. The muslims are portrayed as nice, clean, cultured, cuddly, agreeable, and quite harmless. The entire “argument” (if you want to call it that) was from the perspective of what’s good for the invaders, not what’s good for Americans. And that is how it’s been for my entire life. The concern is always for OTHER people, but never for MY people. There is no natural right to immigrate to the United States, and our immigration policy is not supposed to serve foreigners, but Americans. Why oh why must the problems that foreign peoples make for themselves somehow always become a burden for my people? I’m all tapped out, sympathy-wise. The U.S. was founded, built, engineered, made successful, fought for and died for by MY people, not the peoples of the world. But now that the heavy lifting has been done, it’s “Move over, whitey.” And if I dare say anything to resist the genocide of my own people, I’M the bad guy.

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