Syrian Civil War Not America’s Business

There is still no certainty that the Assad regime used sarin gas on its Syrian opponents last week. Indeed, there is no certainty that the chemical that caused painful death and injury was sarin. Perhaps the truth will never emerge, for we live in Revolutionary times when the Mainstream Media (MSM) and government officials act in combination to feed the public with propaganda.

President Donald Trump came into the White House as an outsider, and a detested Counter-Revolutionary enemy of America’s political, social and Administrative establishment.

Events both before and subsequent to his being sworn in, have revealed that the Intelligence Services, the DOJ and the FBI have for eight years been politicized at all levels with employees unwilling to accept Trump’s legitimacy and his agenda. Only if Trump had gained power through a Counter-Revolutionary civil war, could he have fully purged the government machinery at once. It is unrealistic to expect him to quickly undo eight years of Obama’s internal subversion.

What this means is that Trump has to rely on unreliable ‘experts’, especially in the realms of foreign policy. It is entirely possible that he and his appointees were fed false information about Assad and the chemical attack.

Michael Savage, an early Trump supporter, has been in the forefront of those denouncing Trump and his inner council for a developing anti-Russian campaign and a rush to war. I experience at first-hand from a friend that Savage is causing great alarm and division within the Broad Right.

On this website we reluctantly part company with Dr. Savage. He is assuming too much with too little evidence and is guilty of swinging like a pendulum. His latest tirades against the military in Trump’s inner team have included accusations that generals always want war because that is their business.

Prior to the election, Savage was praising Trump’s choices of military men because no-one knew better than them the horrors of war. He is now getting too carried away by emotion. There is no evidence that Trump and his Generals are hell-bent on war with Russia even though others in Washington and New York may want to engineer Putin’s downfall.

We think the missile attack was unwarranted and unwise. Trump may have been misled by officials about the gas attack, but it is more likely that he (cynically) chose Syria to make a show of resolution in regard to the threats of China and North Korea. How this will pan out is anyone’s guess and time will soon tell as an American aircraft carrier heads toward the Korean Peninsula.

There are many in the American establishment and in the MSM who now think they see an opportunity for America to intervene in the Syrian civil war with ground troops and air power and topple Assad. They want regime change and the bonus of an American confrontation with Russia.

If Trump falls for this, then Dr. Savage will be proved right. But we don’t think Trump can be manipulated so easily. As things stand he is looking smart, for the Russian/election allegations have been dropped by the Far Left and MSM, North Korea and China are pondering the new sheriff in town, and Tillerson is in Moscow to talk.

It is definitely not in America’s interest to become further involved in Arab civil wars. Iraq is more than enough. But North Korea’s threat to the USA is real, and no patriotic American President can afford to do nothing. Trump will be working for China to exert its power over NK, but China is more an enemy of the USA than Russia ever will be.

We wish Trump had set foreign affairs aside and concentrated on the war at home, but maybe that is an unrealistic expectation. Obama spent eight years de-militarizing America, betraying foreign allies, criticizing his own country and helping enemies, and it has fallen to Trump to deal with an international mess. Isolationism is not a realistic American option.

All eyes need to be on the Korean Peninsula for this is the major hot-spot. If Trump’s dispatch of an aircraft carrier and his most recent rhetoric is bluff, his bluff may be called and he will have to play the cards or retreat. If he plays his cards he needs a united America behind him. He does not need an unnecessary military involvement in Syria at the same time.

Here at home, this website’s eyes are on today’s election in the Fourth Congressional District of Kansas. This was the seat of Mike Pompeo and safely Republican but now it seems that Republican candidate Ron Estes has a tough fight on his hands. His Far Left Democrat opponent is James Thompson, a civil rights lawyer. That profession alone should be enough to bring every sane Kansas citizen to the polling booth to vote for Estes. A Democrat victory would be a propaganda blow to Trump and our Counter-Revolution.

The MSM won’t report this, but the screaming man removed from a United Airlines aircraft and now a MSM hero, is Dr. David Dao aged 69. Dao is a closet homosexual and a convicted felon who was caught offering drugs to a male patient in return for perverted sex. The practice of over-booking aircraft seats is obnoxious but the pilots of this plane were correct in deciding that the screaming drama-queen Dao was a danger.

Music Choice

Back in the 1960’s, the UK had many very talented singers and musicians, especially in the jazz field. Tubby Hayes was a world-class sax, flute, piano player and arranger.

While Americans were distracted by the juvenile music of the Beatles, really good British singing groups were too grown-up and talented to get attention.

One such vocal group was the Morgan James Duo. Colin James played guitar and Peter Morgan played double bass and the pair regularly backed other singers on recording sessions. They also recorded as a duo, mostly light-hearted jazz material, including ‘The Girl From Ipanema’. In 1966 they recorded ‘Sweet Pussycat’. Great harmonies, appealing individual voices, perfect timing, good orchestration. Better than anything the Beatles ever did!  Strongly recommended! If anyone knows what happened to these two talented musicians, contact the website.

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