SPLC is an Intellectual Terror Organization

It is not too often that this website has anything positive to write about the Wall Street Journal, for almost all its reporters are Far-Left propagandists. It has also harbored some anti-American scribblers on its opinion pages, the most recent being the recently-departed Bret (Israel First) Stephens.

However, today we congratulate the journal for carrying a lengthy opinion piece written by Jeryl Bier and titled “The Insidious Influence of the SPLC”. In this article, Bier correctly argues that the SPLC is not in the business of philanthropy, but in politics and masquerading as philanthropic.

For anyone not familiar with this poisonous Far-Left organization, SPLC stands for ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’. Like all Communist front organizations, the title is intended to deceive the innocent. As far as this writer can judge, the SPLC has no genuine connection with either the South or poverty, but certainly is a lawyer’s organization – as long as they are Far-Left lawyers.

The ‘Southern’ in the title is designed to conjure up a picture of the Old South and slavery, and the inclusion of ‘poverty’ draws a picture of poor Black share-croppers living in fear of a lynch mob. The deceit in this title would long ago have been exposed except that the SPLC and the Mainstream Media of the Media Class march hand in hand. There is no cozier relationship in American politics than that between the MSM and the SPLC. Not even the Democratic Party has such a close relationship to the MSM.

The SPLC is certainly not short of funds, and employs an army of Far-Left lawyers. Its pockets are too deep for the aggrieved victims of its smears, who are mostly poor activists of the Broad Right and traditional Christians. Like all Far-Left front organizations, the SPLC is as much preoccupied with promoting the perverts’ agenda as it is with promoting Far-Left economic causes.

Once in a blue moon the SPLC, like its sister organization the ACLU, takes up a ‘Right-wing’ cause purely to provide cover for its wholly-partisan agenda. This enables its comrades in the MSM to claim it is bi-partisan when using it as a source of information and denunciation.

The SPLC and the ACLU are truly Far-Left revolutionary organizations funded and staffed by Internationalists and anti-Christian activists. Whatever their origins (and they were founded by Far-Leftists), they exist today to further the transformation of America that Barack Obama promised and almost completed in his 8 years in the White House.

Their role is to target, smear, destroy, and intimidate effective members of the Broad Right, and enforce the ever-tightening grip of the politically correct speech that will eventually lead to totalitarianism. Like the afore-mentioned Bret (Israel First) Stephens, their activists are filled with fear and hatred of America’s White working and Christian people.

If and when the counter-revolution succeeds, there will be a score to settle with these internal enemies of free speech, moral standards and liberty.


Since Stephens departure from the WSJ and its editorial board, the other regular scribblers have been writing more positively of President Trump and other issues. Today, Daniel Henninger has written a good article on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in defense of free speech.

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