Seeing the Big Picture of Counter-Revolution

In our previous article, we employed the imagery of Trump being Commander-in-Chief of a Counter-Revolutionary army, and that as such, we, his troops of the Broad Right, must follow his leadership and trust his calculations. We are not employing this imagery to gain your attention, but because we maintain that it accurately portrays America’s current civil conflict. Yet again we repeat a truth that the MSM has concealed. It is that for the last 8 years, an Alliance of the new Media Class and the Far-Left, has been ruling America from the Obama White House and stealthily implementing a genuine Revolution.

We employ the word ‘stealth’ deliberately, because the Media Class owns the Mainstream Media (MSM) and has been able to transform news, public information and popular entertainment into propaganda. The MSM has camouflaged this Revolution-by-increments.

We precisely use the words ‘Ruling Media Class’ and ‘Revolution’ because they are entirely appropriate. It is our view that when Trump unexpectedly captured the White House, the stealthy Revolution was near completion. Among the many gains of the uncompleted Revolution, was the purging and replacement of the Federal Judiciary with judges sympathetic to the goals of the Revolution and hostile to the Constitution and the Christian morality of the old society.

What we write each day on this website can properly be understood only by those who accept the above premises. If a Revolution was under way when Trump became President (and it was), it follows that he is – whether he realizes it or not – leading a Counter-Revolution. His enemies are well aware of this, hence their rage and determined obstruction.

In recapturing the White House in order to restore pre-Revolutionary America, Trump has so far only occupied a small territory and with limited resources. The forces of Revolution still occupy almost of their strongholds, their staggering wealth is intact, and they still have absolute control of the propaganda machine that misinforms most Americans.

If this was a ground war fought literally for territory, Trump would be leading a small force that had won one highly significant battle, resulting in the capture of a prized enemy stronghold, but whose forces and allies were otherwise scattered, disorganized and unreliably led.

He would be in the position of a Commander who is fighting a war on all fronts, against a still-powerful enemy, struggling to put together an army capable of capturing more territory, and at the same time having to deal with threatening foreign enemies.

In reality, the enemy-held territory is the unionized machinery of the Federal government and public services, the airwaves, Silicon Valley billionaires, the Federal Courts, much of Big Business, the Universities, colleges and towns they dominate, the fractious, rootless and immigrant populations of every major city, California, Oregon, Washington States, and Massachusetts, and what is now called ‘deep state’.

Trump also has to contend with the Republicans in Congress. Nominally part of his army and allies, they are an independent force, unreliable when it comes to fighting, and with a history of betrayal and surrender when the going gets tough.

But for those on the Broad Right who dismiss their power to shape the outcome of the great Counter-Revolutionary war, the uncomfortable fact is that the Congressional Republicans are essential to Trump’s victory. Their much-maligned leadership is what they have chosen by voting, and many of their leaders are popular in the States they represent. Our rage and vilification has little effect on them and often alienates them further.

Trump, who also vilified them when campaigning, now has to work with them – or lose the war. A few are completely treacherous, but most must be bought, won over, flattered, rewarded or inspired. Trump does not have the luxury of ignoring them – and that is the reality for us as well as him.

And what of Trump? He was probably not the Broad Right’s first choice of Commander given his background and lack of ideology. But there was little choice and – in our view – he ultimately earned the leadership by raw courage, sacrifice, innovation and surprising skills. Unless he throws in the job or is assassinated by the enemy, we are stuck with him, for we have no way of replacing him and we have no viable contender.

We on the Broad Right have the power to be fractious, critical, divisive, and withdraw support so that in one way or another he falls. But then what? The Counter-Revolution would likely collapse with him. Only if a hot civil war breaks out could a new Commander emerge, and what a gamble that would be!

So far, Trump has not been to the Left of the Republican Congress on any issue, for that body has not yet united around one policy that Trump has blocked. On some important advances, though not nearly enough, Trump and Congress have united. He continues to be more Counter-Revolutionary (by instinct) than the Republican Party in Congress.

Of course: those who do not accept that America is in the midst of a nearly-completed Revolution, those who do not accept that the Revolutionaries are hell-bent on transforming America, those who doubt that the Revolutionaries will ruthlessly end all dissent and free speech and don’t really have the intention of dismantling the Nation State – such people can and will behave as though the current era is politics-as-usual, attack Trump as a sell-out or fool, write off the Republican Congress as irrelevant, and go home to mother and preen themselves on the purity of their ideology.

For those who accept the presence and reality of a transforming Revolution, the only alternative to deserting Trump is extreme. It is to denounce him, take up arms now, raise the banner of Counter-Revolution and see where that gets you. Likely, not very far! Far better to march on the streets in support of his leadership.

In summary, we argue that those who believe these are Revolutionary times and that we are the Counter-Revolutionaries will understand that enforcing borders, rebuilding the military, purging the Courts of Leftist enemies, restoring free speech, and giving the streets back to good citizens is significantly more important than a perfect Health Bill or a balanced budget, desirable though such things are.

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