Savage! Michael The Magnificent!

We implore every member of the Broad Right– Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives — to track down and hear an excerpt from Thursday’s (July 14th, 2016) second segment of the Talk Radio show ‘The Savage Nation’.

Savage, fresh from an interview with Donald Trump, mentions the questions for Trump he didn’t get to and this leads him to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He then launches into an unrestrained denunciation of this evil old crone who graduated from the Far Left ACLU to America’s Supreme Court, courtesy of a gutless Republican Party. Savage does not mince words and everything he shouts needs shouting from the rooftops, over and over again.

He demands that Trump as President must find a way to impeach her for her poisoning of the Supreme Court. He then moves into an equally unrestrained denunciation of George Soros who is destroying Europe and America. He demands that Trump as President must have Soros tracked down and brought back to the USA for trial for the damage he and his family have inflicted on the American people.

Savage finishes his ‘rant’ by expressing sympathy for people like you and me who, not having a radio microphone like he has, feel gagged. He understands our rage and the frustration of our voices being suppressed. We have to endure, day after day, the lies and propaganda of the Mainstream Media, the occupation of city streets by Far Left, welfare-funded, thugs, and the moral corruption of our children by officially-endorsed perverts.

Michael Savage understands that we are in the midst of a final civil war between Nationalists and greedy, Internationalist perverts. And he is courageous enough to proclaim it loud and clear. If Clinton wins in November Michael Savage’s days on the radio will be numbered, as will our right to speak the truth.

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  1. Amen!!! We need law and order brought back to America and we need respect and dignity brought back to the White House and Office of the Presidency!!!

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