Rubio Is Elite’s Latest Brown-eyed Boy

In our recent article we noted the well-publicized plan of a coalition of rich conspirators whose goal is to take down Donald Trump’s bid to restore America. Although the group’s donors are too shy to be identified they have not been at all shy about their intention. We can assume that they have sought publicity for it, confident that in Republican elitist circles –and perhaps Democrat circles too- there are many more deep pockets who fear and detest Trump and his burgeoning support among working Americans. They make no secret that their aim is to dissuade such people from voting at all. This is a curious and novel goal, and instructive.

Usually publicity campaigns aim to switch support to a particular candidate and bolster turn-out, even when smear tactics are employed against the rival. This elite coalition has already abandoned winning over Trump’s supporters and just wants them to become disenchanted with politics. Given that these shy conspirators will have employed expert advisers to study Trump’s support,  they  must have concluded that his supporters cannot be won over to any candidate of their choice. They are telling us that his supporters are narrowly focused on him and the issues he has voiced and they want them to become disenchanted. By their own admission, they can only succeed by undermining his personal credibility and not by challenging the credibility of the issues.

We can take heart from this, even as we worry that they may do a highly professional job of personal muck-raking and ridiculing The Donald. Their goal is to take down the leader, not the cause, for they have concluded that the cause has drawn deep and unwavering support. The cause is of course ‘Nationalism’,  and the rich opponents are  Internationalists, not of the Socialist kind, but of the profiteering kind.

We think that the expert advisors will have also discovered that Trump has tapped into Americans who are normally out of reach of the Republican Party, perhaps out of reach of normal Party politics. This would explain why the current opinion polls which seek to identify and measure Republican voters, are giving Trump narrow leads even though his rallies are drawing tens of thousands everywhere. Many of his enthusiastic supporters on the ground are not Republicans but  White working people who rarely vote in the two-Party competitions and are not being reached by the pollsters.

We worry that such people could easily be turned away from politics if Trump’s character is sufficiently damaged by an intensive advertising campaign of smears and lies which will certainly enjoy the full collusion of the Mainstream Media. The only other candidate with any commitment to Nationalism is Ted Cruz and we believe that he would be an easier target than the Media-savvy and financially independent Trump. Carson’s appeal of decency and social conservatism cannot make up for his lack of a political compass. None of the other remaining Republican candidates are free of manipulation by rich backers and Rubio is now the elitists’ choice. His appeal is not to the Party’s rank-and-file or those White working people who normally stay home at election times.

This article is still coming from lovely old St. Augustine, Florida, a town well-worth visiting!

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