Rubio Appointed Crown Prince By The Defeatists

The Republican primary contest has decisively narrowed down on the Left. Marco Rubio has emerged from Iowa as the choice of Internationalists and collaborators, and at the expense of Bush, Kasich, Christie and Fiorina.

As we pointed out in two previous articles Rubio has been endorsed and funded by the Superpac American Opportunity Alliance. Behind AOA is Paul Singer, a Jewish billionaire who founded this alliance of his mega-rich friends to promote within the Republican Party the homosexual agenda, immigration reform and America’s commitment to Israel. It is difficult to see how this agenda differs from that of billionaire George Soros who is bankrolling Democrat Hillary Clinton to the tune of $100m.

The Wall Street Journal, whose Far Left ‘News’ reporters purge from every article all mention of Clinton’s scandals, and who remove all facial lines and scowls from her every picture, is now in overdrive on its Opinion pages crowning Rubio as the Republican Party’s only hope for the White House. Rubio is being dressed in ‘moderate conservative’ clothes. The ‘moderate’ is intended to strip Bush, Kasich and Christie naked, and the ‘conservative’ is intended take sufficient from Trump and Cruz to leave the counter-revolutionary candidates in disarray.

Whether enough Republican primary voters of New Hampshire will be influenced by the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) bum’s rush propaganda of an unstoppable Rubio surge, will become clear on Tuesday evening. The MSM’s power is awesome, Rubio should not be underestimated and few voters will know who is Paul Singer or what is the agenda of AOA.

The counter-revolution’s cause has been greatly harmed by the pettiness of the spats between Trump and Cruz, and their attacks on Ben Carson, widely seen as the ‘gentleman’ among bruisers. This website still has hopes for a Trump victory all the way to the White House. Not because he is a thinking Nationalist, -he is not – but because we think he is motivated solely by patriotism and common sense, is beholden to no shadowy internationalists, has the ability and energy to reverse the Revolution that is corrupting and betraying the Nation, and has followers who are rightly impatient with self-imposed Constitutional shackles but want speedy results.

We believe that Trump, freed from intra-party struggles for which he is unsuited, would galvanize a majority of America’s working people, barnstorming across the Nation. He would make mincemeat of Hillary, Bernie or Biden.

Climate Change Global Warming Watch Climate Change

The MSM has for months been predicting El Nino for California, based on ‘expert’ opinion that the Pacific Ocean has hugely warmed due to global warming. On this website we have repeatedly expressed pessimism, though the arrival of a three-month monsoon would be greatly welcomed in a State that invites the Third World in without concern for adequate water supply.

The rains so far have been normal for most winters, certainly not unusual. When December and January failed to welcome El Nino, February was hailed by the experts as the month it would arrive. Half of February now looks to be exceptionally dry and time is running out. Of course, the 10 day forecast might be wrong and who would be surprised by that – other than the experts! It won’t stop them forecasting doom, gloom and the imminent inundation of Florida by rising seas.


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