Rago’s Shocking Death, and More

In this post-revolutionary America when all news is subjected by the Media Class to multiple propaganda tests before release for public consumption, nothing in the ‘news’ can be taken at face value.

On this website, we several times since last November mentioned the Wall Street Journalist Joseph Rago for his unbridled attacks on Donald Trump. Along with Bret (Israel First) Stephens, he led the neo-Con assault on Trump’s financial and character integrity. Like his comrade Stephens, he was on the editorial board of the WSJ and presumably at the heart of the Republican #NeverTrump campaign.

The Republican #NeverTrump army is peopled by anti-Nationalists, elitist insiders, and money-manipulators whose only connection with genuine Conservatism is a concern for Government over-spending. Nationalism and social conservatism (Christian family values) have no place in their politics. In the last election and subsequent stealthy civil war to overthrow Trump, they are willing to conspire with the new Ruling Class and its Far-Left allies.

It was a surprise when Stephens suddenly departed from the Journal and openly joined the enemy. Whether he was ejected from his influential position at the Journal or chose to jump ship for ideological reasons is unclear.  Something is going on at this important Media Class think-tank.

Rago’s sudden death yesterday at the age of 34 is baffling to those of us who watch the MSM to learn the enemy’s moves and intentions. It is unclear whether Rago died naturally, committed suicide, or even that his death is similar to that of Seth Rich.

Whatever the cause, it is a tragedy for his family. He was undoubtedly a talented journalist and writer, and his investigations and articles on Obamacare and other conservative issues were impressive. Presumably some of the unnamed WSJ editorials were his work, and often these skillfully express conservative viewpoints deserve to be welcomed by the Broad Right.

It is rumored that Rago was investigating the Clinton business contacts with Russia. If this is true, we can be sure that he would have produced some blistering revelations, and we need to treat official explanations of his death with caution.

Francesco Schettino, the captain of the cruise liner Casta Concordia, which hit rocks and sank in 2012, has been sentenced by an Italian Court to 16 years in prison. 32 people died in that tragedy and Schettino was held accountable. Compare this outcome to the treatment of Brandon Bostian, the Amtrak engineer who took a train into a corner at over 100 mph, killing 8 people and injuring hundreds. Read our past articles on this tragedy and draw your own conclusions!

There is a connection between this subject and the recent news in the Rolling Stone Magazine that billionaire homosexual Tim Gill has pumped over $400m into the destruction of Christian (civilized) family values and the normalization of abnormal and unhygienic sexual practices.

Gill’s well-financed campaign, which has included taking down those Attorney Generals who defend real marriage and the moral protection of young people, benefits from operating under the radar, thanks to a MSM with the same agenda.

Gill told the Rolling Stone “we’re going to punish the wicked”, meaning punish those who persist in opposing same-sex marriage, the transgender nonsense and all those sick perverted practices that will destroy lives and the Nation. Gill and his comrades of the Far-Left and the Media Class are working for an America that will criminalize all speech the Ruling Class alliance deems unacceptable. Hand-in-hand will be the official corruption of the young.

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