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On this website we like honesty, we like accuracy and we like common sense. The Revolutionary Far Left that is now a partner in Government of our Ruling Media Class, makes its political advance by successfully eliminating all three from the public discourse. Since the Mainstream Media is owned by the Media Class and employed on behalf of its Far Left ally, it is easy for them to define issues in the public’s unsuspecting mind dishonestly, inaccurately and devoid of common sense.

It is our task on the Counter-Revolutionary Right, to use every opportunity in private conversations, in public conversations and when using the written word, to fearlessly and insistently use words honestly, accurately and to promote common sense at all times. Thus on this website and everywhere else we always use the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘pervert’ and never misuse the word that means ‘light-hearted’, ‘lively’, and ‘full of mirth’. We don’t let them get away with hi-jacking our language.

The Media Class, its Far Left allies, and in particular the racially-resentful occupant of the White House, constantly use the meaningless word ‘minorities’ – meaningless because we are all members of minorities – and the cunning propaganda phrase ‘people of color’.

We must never use the collective term ‘minorities’, for its propaganda purpose is to isolate White people – and particularly White men – as a majority that uniformly oppresses all others. This is a charge without any basis in fact.

‘People of color’ seeks to lump together as equal victims, all who are not White. It divides Americans into only two categories, by skin color, or lack of it. The phrase is dishonest in intent, inaccurate and in plain contradiction of human experience. It aims to politically collectivize the dissimilar Americans of Chinese and Korean origin, South East Asians (Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indonesians and Filipinos), Pakistanis, Indians and Hispanics, all together, not only with each other but with the hugely different African Americans.

Many Chinese and Korean people are whiter skinned than Caucasians. Many Hispanics are lighter skinned than people of Mediterranean origin. In my every-day experience Chinese, Korean and many Hispanic people quite accurately do not at all consider themselves people of color.

There is a darker (no pun intended!) purpose behind the ‘people of color’ propaganda than merely creating a sense of victimization where none exists, and a false collective political identity. It is to camouflage the singular plight of African Americans.

Native Americans living on Reservations, clearly and by choice exist geographically and socially outside mainstream America. Their lack of educational and material success is partly attributable to their ‘opting out’, though it is possible that they would struggle to compete in the mainstream of competitive American life.

The lack of educational and economic success of African Americans as a group, and their relative isolation in what amount to inner-city reservations, is difficult to explain without entering a public discussion that the Left and African Americans are not willing to permit. Three possible explanations are racial IQ, the Left’s attack on traditional family life and its attack on Christian values. And so the Left uses skin color prejudice (by Whites) to explain the fact that African Americans remain on the bottom of society’s ladder in almost every measurement of success other than physical sport.

Most Indians from the sub-Continent who come to America are as black-skinned as African Americans, and many have a language problem on arrival. Neither factor prevents them and their off-spring from becoming highly successful in an America that is supposed to be rife with skin-color prejudice. I heard yesterday on the radio that 15 of the last 19 winners of the national spelling competition for children are Indian Americans. No doubt Indian Americans would also score highly in mathematics competitions, income, social mobility and business success.

The unchanging plight of African Americans, whatever the causes, ensure that they remain a reliable voting block for the Far Left, create a need for costly, labor-intensive Government welfare programs and ‘free’ health services, can be used as a poster picture of American institutional injustice, can be used to justify White-guilt teaching in schools, and can be unleashed as protesting mobs more or less at the behest of agitators and the MSM.

We on the Right must never use the word ‘minorities’ when the word ‘Black’ is accurate and we must never use the term ‘people of color’.

On this website we often refer to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal as ‘Bret Israel First Stephens’. Stephens is a leading writer and activist for the Internationalist cause and as such he has been one of the most virulent attackers of Donald Trump and his supporters. No charge has been too poisonous for Stephens to make. He has implied that Trump is a financial fraudster, a dangerous clown and his supporters jack-booted Nazis. He has taken every opportunity to compare America’s belated Counter-revolution to the last days of Weimar Germany. By implication he is charging Trump and his followers with anti-Semitism. This is an extremely damaging charge and , as Stephens knows, has great consequences because it mobilizes the hostility of a very wealthy and powerful community in America, not least within the MSM. It smears the accused with swastikas, cattle trucks, mass executions on the edge of pits, gas chambers and the Holocaust.

We note that Stephens, like all Internationalists, seeks to gnaw away at the American Nation State, its borders, customs, identity and independence. Yet he regularly demands protection for the State of Israel and once again last week he wrote passionately about internal Israeli politics (“Netanyahu Against the Generals”, Global View May 24th).

We challenge Mr. Stephens to write to this website confirming that he writes as an American first and not as an Israeli, and that he is not suggesting that Donald Trump and his supporters have Nazi motives.

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  1. Bret Stephens works at the Propaganda Cafe, where he serves up a daily menu of leftist tripe smothered in an MSM sauce of lies and deceit. How that place stays open, I’ll never understand.

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