Paris! Obama’s No Show!

The image was found from the WSJ.

Rush Limbaugh, with the advantage of a Monday morning Talk Show, beat me to this revealing (about Obama) topic and gave his take on the White House absence from the Paris march for ‘Unity’. Limbaugh attributed the absence mainly to Obama’s psychopathic character and to a lesser extent sympathy for Islam. Not bad, Rush!

Actually, Rush did not use the word ‘psychopathic’ but I think used the word ‘narcissist’. Since all psychopaths are narcissist, we won’t nick-pick. On this website we have consistently described this President as having a psychopathic personality, being careful not to describe him as a criminal psychopath, for there are several degrees of psychopathy and criminal psychopaths are the most dangerous. Obama is a run-of-the mill psychopath and there are always many in politics. They possess exceptional vanity (not necessarily about sartorial appearance), are extremely thin-skinned about criticism, bear grudges forever, have unlimited and impatient ambition unhinged from ability, believe they are entitled to be at the very top, have a shallow grasp on anything that is not immediately self-serving, view all others as intellectually inferior, are cool under attack and lie even when there is nothing to be gained from lying. Perhaps no non-criminal psychopath has ever been as successful in politics as Obama and he is extremely dangerous because he has the power of President of the most powerful Nation on Earth.

Obama’s exceptional rise to the Presidency can be explained by two factors which have nothing to do with his intellect, for we consider him to be sharp but neither intellectually well-endowed nor well-educated. He was selected for high office by the billionaires of Hollywood who were looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton. These billionaires, perverts, libertines and political King-makers as a result of the rise to power of the Media Class, nursed a grievance against Bill Clinton for his past ill-concealed contempt for homosexuals. The Clintons, with their own powerful national political network, were also considered to be too independent and unlikely to take orders from a Media Class seeking to complete a moral revolution.

Obama, with no national political network in 2007 could be depended upon to push the homosexual, anti-Christian agenda in exchange for the funding and MSM protection of the Media Class. His morally shallow character, combined with his unbounded ambition and his possession of the limited talents of an actor, were appealing to the King-makers. Obama’s other good fortune was that he was Black and had risen to prominence in Chicago through the Far Left’s network. The Media Class saw that America in 2008 could be persuaded to see the election of a Black man as a way to reject past racism and at the same time please its allies on the Far Left.

It is against this background (which Rush Limbaugh has not yet fully grasped) that Obama’s non-appearance in Paris must be seen. Here we see his character on display though, as it happens, his no-show makes little difference to the issue of Islamic Imperialism and its war on Christendom.

The Paris march, led by some of Europe’s leaders who bear a responsibility for Europe’s defenselessness, was at best, an exercise in gesture politics and at worst a move to siphon off effective action against Muslim terrorism. Much more than they fear Muslim terrorism, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron and their ilk fear the common European people. They fear that these common people might, for self preservation, listen to Nationalist politicians who have risen from their own ranks.  Unless headed off by the propaganda of the MSM and their anger and fear channeled by the elites, the common people might vote for Madame Le Pen and her National Front and the UK’s BNP and similar organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Greece. And so the Paris March for Unity excluded France’s most popular political Party and welcomed despot leaders from around the world. Incidentally, not one of the ‘leaders’ present at the head of the march allows genuine free speech.

It remains to be seen whether the native European people will be fooled come election time. If opinion polls reveal that they have not been fooled, these marching leaders will proscribe Nationalist Parties just as their Greek comrades have banned Golden Dawn.

We can be sure that Obama’s decision to give the Paris march a miss was not taken without consideration for the accusations that might follow. It is reasonable to assume that as he had not called for the march and as he wouldn’t be the sole leader, he could not consider a lesser role walking alongside those who are not his equals. Furthermore his conversion of the Presidency into a something closer to Emperor will have convinced him that he need not stir himself and interrupt plans for a leisurely weekend. Still, we might have expected that he would instruct Biden to attend except the Presidential inner circle knows that Biden is a loose-lipped buffoon. So why not send Kerry?

It is at this point that we have to look beyond the Obama narcissism and probe his leanings to Islam. As Muslim assertiveness and victories have increased, is it possible that Obama’s early paternal influences are surfacing and he is being drawn to a more overt expression of his identity? It is possible that Obama’s instinctive racial resentment based on his own skin color is now combining with his instinctive racial identity with Muslims.

We on the counter-revolutionary Right should not waste time protesting because Obama’s government did not attend a parade that was nothing more than an empty gesture masking deceit. However we can use the absence to further reveal to Americans that they have a narcissist President who acts for a narcissist Ruling Media Class and that with the narcissism comes a deadly and debauched agenda.

Whilst on the subject of debauchery, the Leftist WSJ of January 5th gave some prominence to events in Egypt. Under the heading “Trial in Egypt Targets Homosexuals” and a sub-heading “Rights Groups Say 26 Arrested in a Cairo Bathhouse Caught Up in Broader Crackdown on Gay Men”.

WSJ reporter Tamer El-Ghobashy is clearly and predictably (like all Media Class members) writing his article to portray homosexuals as undeserving victims. His opening paragraph contains the words “26 men charged with engaging in ‘debauchery’- a euphemism for homosexuality-‘. The article is full of quotes from homosexual organizations and none from the Egyptian Government or from parents who might regard homosexual practices as a danger to children and young people. My question is this! If these men were in a bathhouse, naked, and engaging in sodomy and other un-natural and disgustingly unhygienic practices, were they not engaging in debauchery? The word is surely not a euphemism in such a context. It is pleasing to see that it is not only Russia that is ‘cracking down’ on perverts. Once upon a time I would have argued that in the defense of personal freedom and in recognition that some people are afflicted with peculiar appetites, live and let live, at least in private. Unfortunately we have learned that thanks to the rise of the Media Class and its Leftist revolutionary allies, homosexuals seek the power to criminalize all those who, with common sense, see their activities as debauched and thus impose debauchery on all.


Much of America continues to experience Global Cooling. The unusually cold Pacific off the coast of California is resulting in a dry January that will have a catastrophic effect on that unprepared State by July.

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The matchless Frank Sinatra singing-in recognition of the Leaders who marched in Paris- ‘Send In the Clowns”. Composed and written by Stephen Sondheim in 1973 for a Musical it was recorded by Sinatra in the same year and achieved instant fame.

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