Overtly Violent Revolution Advances

When this website’s first articles were written in 2005, we described the evolution of a new Ruling Class (America’s first – the Media Class) and defined its revolutionary agenda. Soon after, we identified its allies (the Far-Left), and predicted that together, this alliance of social and economic revolutionaries could only take power by overthrowing the ‘old order.’

We pointed out that it was rare in history for such a transfer of power and a suppression of the ‘old order’ to take place without violence. Since the aspiring new Ruling Class was the aggressor, the level of violence depended on the willingness of the ‘old order’ to surrender to destruction.

Make no mistake, the forces that placed Obama in the White House and embarked on the social, political and economic transformation of the USA are as revolutionary as any in the history of the world. Their agenda includes criminalizing traditional Christian morality and its followers, suppressing and erasing the majority White conservative population by oppression and mass immigration, and dismantling the nation state.

Today, and rather late in the process, Rush Limbaugh described the Leftist (Democratic Party) violence and hatred that is being directed at politicians of the Broad Right, and – in our opinion, correctly – concluded that compromise and political “working together” was an impossibility.

Our diagnosis that America is undergoing a genuine revolution perpetrated by a new Ruling Class and its Mainstream Media and Far-Left allies leads to a conclusion that in the last election, in which the new Ruling Class was temporarily deprived of legislative domination by loss of the Presidency, what was once a stealthy transformation became a more overt conflict between revolution and counter-revolution.

Thanks to the unlikely eruption of an aging a-political billionaire from the heart of morally corrupt, revolutionary New York into the 2016 primaries contest with a vaguely Nationalist message, enough working Americans, sleep-walking into history, ignited into a counter-revolutionary force of resistance against the Ruling Class.

These are the ingredients of a violent struggle between two irreconcilable forces, the one on the cusp of a stealthy victory (thanks to control of the MSM) and the other on the cusp of extinction.

It is the view of this website that the Media Class and its Allies are still in control of most of America’s institutions and have no intention of surrendering their near-completed social, political, and economic revolution.

Donald Trump, an accidental counter-revolutionary leader with courage, charisma, energy and cunning, but little ideological understanding of the forces he has unleashed, stands between the Ruling Class and their final victory.

Caught out by the unforeseen 2016 election loss, the Ruling Class Alliance leadership is seeking to remove Trump by mainly political maneuvers, but his resilience and their frustration brings violence closer every day. Behind Trump is a formidable force that the Ruling Class Alliance fears and hates and had intended to eradicate by stealth. Behind the Ruling Class Alliance are the urban ground-troops of the Revolution and the college Komsomols thirsting for blood, and behind them the many Internationalists of Big Business who have no morality and stand to financially prosper from a new order.

How will this end? Any compromise appears impossible for the chasm is deep and wide, and becomes larger by the day.

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