Our Donald and Them Bloodshot Eyes

We Trumpets should be reassured by today’s Media hostility to Trump. When the MSM and the Republican elite start pulling their punches then we need to worry about Our Donald.

It was unwillingly conceded in the MSM on Friday morning that Trump had at least held his ground in the Ohio debate. Not that he had said anything relevant whilst being surrounded by promising candidates with obvious political talents. No! No! No! It was just that his talent for shrugging off searching questions about his past and his calculated disdain for Fox monitors will have pleased his unsophisticated and talk-radio-influenced followers.

According to Peggy Noonan and the WSJ, “as the evening progressed , the other candidates stole his drama and thunder with their own claims and arguments”. Trump, wrote the WSJ editor “showed his trademark bluster and bluntness…..but the evening exposed how little he has thought about the main issues of the day….several candidates impressed by promoting their records and policy knowledge”. Indeed, most of the candidates did show knowledge and were impressive, given the limitations of the debate format which were proscribed by the Media masters and mistress.

The MSM and the elitists have still not grasped why Trump has had staying power. What the main issues of the day are for the Media Class and their collaborators in the Republican leadership are not the main issues for most middle class Americans. The issues for Trump’s followers were studiously avoided by the monitors. Only the invasion of America’s border got a mention and that was solely because of Trump’s presence.

The monitors did not intend that border security, the resulting destruction of America’s culture, the depression of wages, job loss, health-care costs the lawlessness and all the other problems of mass immigration, should be debated. The immigration issue was only introduced as a device with which to portray Our Donald as a reckless, loudmouthed bigot. The demand for smoking gun proof (of the obvious) that the Mexican government is encouraging its unemployed and criminal elements to cross into America was a trap (as if anyone could produce a secret Mexican government email with instructions!). That he managed to escape the trap and restate the obvious by referring to his border visit and the views of Texas lawmen, showed Trump’s ability to effectively counter punch.

He successfully counter-punched again when the monitors tried the ‘war on women’ accusation and he quipped about the foul-mouthed lesbian Rosie O’Donnell. He ought to have answered that he constantly says uncomplimentary things about (White) men, yet Fox monitors and Leftists never complain about a ‘war on men’. This exchange also revealed how the elitists do not understand how many ordinary working people still talk -when out of earshot of the PC police- in their everyday lives. Trump is outraging the elites and capturing support with his refusal to be politically correct.

The Monitors and their bosses never intended that illegal immigration be debated and it was only Trump’s presence that opened the door on the night. To their credit, several other candidates walked through it and Trump was enabled to get in his ‘trademark bluster’.

Trump’s MSM and elitist critics do not intend that mass immigration be honestly debated anymore than they intend that recent Black lawlessness, looting and arson be honestly debated. They do not intend that the collapse of law and order in our big cities be debated, that our jails are full of Blacks and illegal Mexicans, that no healthcare system can cope with mass immigration of Third World people and many other issues that daily confront many working people, are degrading their environment and consuming their rising taxes. Trump hasn’t raised many of these issues either but the fear of the Ruling Class and its collaborators is that he might in the future and his sheer presence might empower America’s working people to make their voices heard.

Since the debate Trump has pointed out that Megyn Kelly was unprofessionally hostile to him and he has made a derogatory remark about her eyes to the effect that blood was coming out of them. To this website this seemed like an odd remark but one describing her anger and vengefulness. It is telling that the MSM and the Republican elites have seized on this trivia to create a storm of damaging headlines. Because Trump did not stumble in the debate, indeed may have burnished his reputation, his MSM opponents are desperate to destroy him and his Republican enemies are moving to ostracize him from the Party.

Erick Erickson has an uninteresting ‘conservative’ website. On the few occasions he has stood in for talk-show hosts he has been intolerably boring. Now he has revealed his willingness to collaborate by withdrawing Trump’s invitation to speak at a RedState Gathering he has organized. In Trump’s place he has inserted the same Megyn Kelly who so enthusiastically set out to corrupt the Republican debate. Erickson’s remark that he would not have Trump in the same room as his wife and daughter because of the ‘blood in the eyes’ remark is both bizarre and hysterical. The other invited speakers would show principle if they withdrew in protest. We doubt this manufactured outrage will influence Trumpets.

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