Open Civil War Begins Tomorrow In Washington DC

On this website we believe that the Far Left’s preparations for civil war began during Obama’s second term of office. With their Revolution legislatively well under way as Obama ruled by edict, the Media Class and its Far Left allies augmented his Revolutionary policies with workplace intimidation, Government-sponsored persecution and organized street violence.

Although the augmented actions predictably went unrecorded or under-recorded by the Mainstream Media, the persecutions of Christians by employers and Courts, the IRS targeting of Conservatives, DOJ ‘investigations’ of police departments, and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) occupation and vandalism of city streets, malls, restaurants and freeways, were collectively a tip of the iceberg of Revolutionary assertiveness.

The Ruling Class and its allies were flexing their muscles in impatient anticipation of an electoral White House victory in November 2016. They correctly judged that holding the White House was sufficient to continue ruling and completing their agendas, creating an America in which fundamental opposition could be criminalized. Obama had demonstrated that a determined President, supported by MSM propaganda and purged judiciaries and military leadership, could ignore a cowed Republican Congress.

Needless to say, Trump’s Nationalist victory, has upended the Revolutionary plans of the Ruling Class and its allies, and found them temporarily unprepared. But a new and powerful Ruling Class/Far Left alliance can not be expected to quietly relinquish power because of an election defeat. And so we see a refusal by the MSM, Democrat politicians of the alliance, and the well-funded rank-and-file of organized minorities, to accept the voter’s verdict.

Since the election setback of November 8, the forces of Revolution have been struggling to find their footing. Several attempts to ignite Nation-wide violence have fizzled out. But tomorrow in Washington DC offers the best opportunity yet to demonstrate violent Revolutionary street power, and the MSM propaganda machine has been in overdrive working to define Trump’s victory as illegitimate and thus legitimizing the violent disruption of the Inauguration.

In passing, let us note this. Some will attempt to distinguish between the groups who have publicly committed to violence, and a ‘majority’ of respectable, peaceful ‘liberal’ citizens expressing the revulsion and outrage of all who love ‘equality’, ‘justice’ and ‘inclusion’, and reject ‘hate’, division and ‘bigotry’.

Do not be deceived! Anyone, by their very presence in Washington’s protesting army, is knowingly signing on to violence, to the repudiation of the ballot box, and to the furtherance of a civil war.

No-one can for sure predict tomorrow’s outcome. Who on the Broad Right would really be shocked if Trump is assassinated? We have no doubt he and his family are well aware of the risks. Who will be surprised if the Revolutionaries succeed in turning the day into a shambles, lovingly recorded and celebrated by the MSM?

But Trump has demonstrated a sure-footedness so far, matched with a steady nerve. And his followers have been resolute, fearless and disciplined. He and they represent the real America and its heartland, and that bodes well in the long-term. The Left has not been encouraged by those factors and must be aware that the forces of the Broad Right are ready for a fight, if led by a confident Trump.

Probably the best the Revolutionaries can hope for from tomorrow, is a demonstration of their strength to take into the ensuing days, as the Trump Government seeks to implement the policies that will roll back the Revolution’s Obama gains. The threat of civil war will not recede tomorrow, indeed may intensify, but the Inauguration will be the first open confrontation between the Constitutional Right and the powerful forces of Revolutionary disorder. We pray Trump will emerge safely and even more determined.

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  1. I believe there is a growing belief among the intelligent left that it might be best to keep their heads down for a while. After all, why throw red meat to a raging, right-wing lion? Trump will embolden the law officers and they will be ready and willing to crack down on the idiot street-left. The real thinkers on the left are hanging back. Waiting. Always waiting. And probing.

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