OK to hate Christians

Jerry A. Coyne, a biologist, has written yet another book attacking Christians. The title is ‘Faith vs. Fact’. Mr. Coyne’s declared goal is to enlist more people in his anti-religion crusade. According to WSJ reviewer, John Horgan, Mr. Coyle “was disappointed that his previous book ‘Why Evolution Is True’, a tutorial on Darwinian theory, failed to vanquish creationism”. What Americans need, he claims, is not just an education in facts, but a de-education in faith.  Mr. Hogan describes this latest book as a “shrill, self-righteous diatribe”.

In many previous articles on this website, I have confessed that I regularly attend a (conservative) Church but I am not a member. I might realistically call myself a skeptical Christian. I have never been convinced by Darwin’s theory, for evolution is a theory and not proven. I also find the Old Testament account of Creation more than a little challenging. This leaves me somewhere in the middle between science and Faith, though I have no respect for scientists who feel a need to denounce Christianity, just as I have no respect for scientists who denounce global warming skeptics. It seems to me that those who cannot tolerate challenging opinions and beliefs are dangerously intolerant and hold to fragile theories.

I have been attending Christian Churches for some seven years, listening carefully to sermons, occasionally reading books by Christians, digesting the lyrics of hymns, mixing with and observing devout Christians and often in the early hours of the morning pondering the Christian message and the teachings of Jesus Christ. At this moment I am facing a life-threatening surgery and still I have reached no definite conclusions.

My seven years of familiarity with America’s traditional Christians, their beliefs and practices, have convinced me that these people are the backbone of the Nation. Like Pilate, I can find nothing wrong with them, but unlike Pilate, I find much that is good—really good! The Christians I meet in my Church of choice are mostly a mix of Whites and Orientals, with a few other races thrown in for good measure.

They are all kind and generous people and they strive to live as the Bible commands. This means that they are committed to their marriages, are caring parents, are absolutely law-abiding, work to be self-supporting, raise children who will be good citizens and constantly examine their own lives in the belief that they are inevitably sinners.

I suppose that most believe in the creation outlined in Genesis but for all I know some may share my doubts. Hiding among the Congregation may be a fornicator, an adulterer or a child molester but I think I am more likely to encounter such people in Safeway and much more likely to encounter such people in a Democrat Party meeting or anywhere in Godless San Francisco.

I have never heard anyone in any Church advocate suppressing Darwinism, nor have I heard anyone attacking science. These Christians live in the real world, perhaps a little too resignedly for this conservative. So what is it about these Christians and their beliefs that drives Mr. Coyne and his comrades to “shrill diatribes”? Indeed many of  his comrades, possibly Mr. Coyne himself, can’t wait to go beyond “shrill diatribes” and criminalize Christianity, burn the Bibles, level the Churches and silence for ever Christians and their beliefs.

I doubt their rage has very much to do with Darwin versus Genesis. After all, Darwinism and science are uncritically taught in every public school in the land and most Christian children have to wait for Sunday school and time with parents to hear alternative theories. Mr. Coyle must be aware that public schools no longer mention Christianity.  Christmas and Easter are no longer on the school calendar. Are there any Colleges or Universities (even Catholic ones) where a mention of Christianity is permitted lest it offend the sensitive ear of a Feminist or pansexual? We might properly say that Christianity has been banished from the public square, the Armed Forces, the schools, Colleges and the workplace. A network of informers is in place to alert the ACLU and the DOJ should a Christian reveal his presence and thus offend those around him.

On this website we strive to reveal the presence of a new Ruling Class and its stealthy Revolutionary agenda. We point out that the Ruling (Media Class) has an alliance with the Leftists of Academia and that they share a Revolutionary agenda that is driven to destroy conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism.

What the Godless of the Media Class and the Leftists of Academia cannot (repeat cannot!) tolerate is the morality and near-silent judgementalism of Christianity. At the heart of their rage is the instinctive knowledge that behavior that deviates from Biblical teaching and traditional commonsense, is unnatural, unhealthy and/or destructive. They falsely believe that if Christian morality is forever erased they will feel good about themselves and be freed from restraints. They may well be freed from restraints but nothing good will follow. It is morality not Creationism that brings hate down upon Christians.

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