Trump Ahead in National Poll

The latest Opinion Poll from ABC News/Washington Post suggests momentum for Donald Trump and shrinking support for Hillary Clinton. Not so long ago Clinton enjoyed an 11% lead but now, this poll says, Trump has a 2% lead (46% – 44%). We can be sure that the purchasers of this poll wish it otherwise, so we Trumpets can take some comfort here, especially since the poll sample had a +8 Democrat bias of 829 Registered voters. The latest Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters has Trump at 42% and Clinton at 37%. Even more comfort to be had here!

There is even more comfort to be taken from a New York Times report concerning big Republican donors, although this Far Left, Internationalist propaganda sheet assumes it is bad news for Trump supporters. It just goes to show how wide is the canyon of perception between Trump Nationalists and those wealthy people who once owned the Republican Party by virtue of donations.

The NYT has been contacting former Republican donors as part of its increasingly desperate search for news that will encourage the Third Party crowd and demoralize the Republican grass roots. It claims to have unearthed around 100 former Republican donors who will not help fund Trump’s Presidential campaign. Some have assured the NYT that they will be supporting Hillary Clinton.

Since the first name I saw was billionaire Paul Singer, I knew the list would give me much to be happy about. If Singer had been enthusiastic about Trump, I would have been depressed, for Singer’s litmus test for politics, is homosexual advancement. The poor man has a son who has ‘married’ another man, and it seems that Singer and his wife are delighted.

No-one expects a father to turn his back on a child who has made bad choices in life or is afflicted by unhealthy appetites, but a good parent would not embark on working to spread the problem to others. A parent’s duty (and a patriot’s) is to stand for what is right. Sodomy, a dirty practice, and same-sex relationships, unnatural and sterile, should cause a parent heart ache. If Singer donated to Trump’s campaign, it would only be because Trump had committed to working for homosexual advancement – and we already have way too much of that.

Many of the other’s on the NYT list are Hedge Fund Managers, and all are Internationalists. Michael Vlock, a Connecticut financier, who says he will vote for Clinton, is quoted as saying about Trump, “He’s ignorant, amoral, dishonest and manipulative, misogynistic, philandering, hyper-litigious, isolationist, protectionist, blowhard”. At first I thought Vlock was referring to Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary, and the other half of a future White House should she win.

There is no way Trump can be called ‘ignorant’ or ‘isolationist’, though ‘protectionist’ may be fair comment – and so what? Americans need some protection! Vlock’s willingness to help put a truly amoral, dishonest, manipulative, misogynist, philandering pair in the White House, indicates that like all these donors, he is not being honest about his reasons for seeking to prevent a Trump victory.

My conclusion is that these 100 rich ‘Republican’ defectors were always using the Party, its grass roots and the White House, to further causes that were too anti-American to be publicly owned. It is re-assuring that they have concluded that Trump’s patriotism cannot be purchased. The Republican Party will be more honest and more Nationalist without them.

The good news is coming thick and fast. Dr. Kelli Ward, who is running against John McCain in the Arizona primary, is tying with him on 41% according to PPP. I know little about Dr. Ward, but what could be worse than McCain? And in Austria, the Nationalist candidate for the Presidency, Norbert Hofer, has a 3.8% lead over his rival Van der Bellen of the Far Left Green Party. Postal votes are still to be counted and the Presidency is a largely ceremonial position, but the Freedom Party represents the Austrian people’s resistance to the Muslim invasion being engineered by Europe’s equivalent of the NYT hundred.

Obama has now declared that the words ‘Negro’ and ‘Oriental’ are unacceptable. ‘Negro’ may well be offensive to African Americans, but unless they abandon the ‘culture’ that ensures their place at the bottom of the economic and social ladder, every word used to describe them collectively will eventually become derogatory.

There is nothing wrong with ‘Oriental’, which is the opposite of ‘Occidental’, a word that does not offend me. It also differentiates between people of the sub-Continent(India and Pakistan) and those of South-East Asia and China. What is really at work here is the continuing Leftist conspiracy to lump together all the successful minorities with the unsuccessful Black minority, thus creating a sense of victim hood where none need exist. In real life I have found that Oriental and Indian people are more intent on living apart from Blacks than are Whites. Many also see themselves as ‘White’, for indeed their skin is often whiter than mine – and I could care less.

On Tuesday, Washingtonians go to the polls and we shall discover if their Republican Party officials are marching in step with the grass roots by supporting Ted Cruz and not The Donald.

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