Obama / Clinton Responsible For Muslim Attacks In USA

On a day when the Crypto Muslim in the White House joked that his place of birth was bigger news than ISIS, his Muslim imports struck terrorist blows against the American people he despises. It is now certain that the large bomb in Chelsea, Manhattan that exploded 8.30pm on Saturday, injuring 29, was planted to further Islamic Imperialism. It is a miracle that no-one was killed, but those injured will be emotionally scarred for life, and some physically scarred. New Yorkers have no ‘safe spaces’!

On the same day, a number of pipe bombs were planted in New Jersey, intended to kill and maim military personnel and civilians. The Authorities now reluctantly admit a connection between the bombs in New York and New Jersey.

It seems that plain-speaking Donald Trump was correct to refer to ‘bombings’ when interviewed by the Media. Next January we hope he will be plain-speaking from the White House. Our Crypto-Muslim President allows no plain speaking from Authorities anywhere. Woe-betide the police officer who mentions the word ‘terrorism’ too quickly after an atrocity, or in any way suggests that there may be even the remotest connection between deadly events and the religion of peace.

The Saturday attack in the Crossroads Center, St. Cloud, Minnesota, produced another example of official cover-up. Dahir A. Adan, aged 22, a Somali born in Africa and imported into the USA by the Obama / Clinton regime, went on the rampage among shoppers. At 8 pm, 8 innocent shoppers were stabbed by Adan before an off-duty policeman from another precinct shot him dead and thus saved more shoppers from injury and death. Witnesses said that Adan shouted the usual Muslim war cry as he went about his work of revenge against the infidels of Minnesota.

Despite his Muslim identity being quickly known to the Authorities and his war cry reported, there was no willingness to release relevant information. As always in these situations, thanks to Obama, Clinton, the Democrat Party and the Revolutionary Mainstream Media, the Authorities persist in announcing that a motive is unknown. If the perpetrator has a Muslim name, the Authorities refuse to use it until forced to do so. We live in a Revolutionary new world where all official news is propaganda and facts are suppressed for as long as possible.

The 8 victims in St. Cloud are benefiting from Obama’s importation of tens of thousands of Somalis into the area, a policy that Clinton has pledged to continue. Since the people of Minnesota elect Democrats and will vote for Clinton in November, it is hard to sympathize with their plight.

It is reported in the real news on the Internet that Muslims have been celebrating the latest attacks by their martyrs on Twitter. We will probably be told in the days ahead by Obama’s officialdom and the lying MSM, that the three Muslim attacks were not coordinated, that Adan was a lone wolf with a history of mental problems yet an aspiring student, and that Islam is a religion of peace. Meanwhile, thank God an off-duty police officer in St. Cloud was carrying a gun. One more reason to robustly defend the Second Amendment! We all need to be armed!

There is good news today for American patriots. The LATimes / USC daily tracking poll has the patriotic Donald Trump at 47.2 and the defender of Obama’s legacy at 41.2. Another daily Tracking poll has Trump at 47.2 and Clinton at 41.0. The bad news is that the New Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll for Pennsylvania has Clinton 9 points ahead of Trump. Only 405 likely voters were polled but the poll is said to have a good record of accuracy. It seems odd that Pennsylvania should be moving against Trump, but Obama and Clinton have been vigorously campaigning there and particularly appealing to the Black voters (dead or alive) of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Maybe events in Manhattan, New Jersey and St. Cloud will bring a sense of reality to the State’s voters.

There is more good news from Berlin Germany, a bankrupt, morally decadent capital run by homosexual perverts and Far Leftists. In Sunday’s election the 3 year-old Nationalist Party, Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 11.5% of the vote. If this seems like a small percentage, the context is that President Merkel’s CDU won 18% and the Socialist won 23%. Given the Bohemian, artsy population of the city, it is good to see that even there, Nationalists are on the march. Have you noticed how alike are the fussy Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Squaw Elizabeth Warren? Academia is full of these intellectual, sexless Globalist parasites and they all look alike.

When the November election is over and a patriot enters the White House, let us not forget John Kasich and Jennifer Rubin who belong on the same list of renegades headed by Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham. The name of Norman Podhoretz can be removed, for he has endorsed Donald Trump.

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