Nunes Recusal is a Propaganda Gift to the Enemy

What is it with these Republican Congressmen? Is it old-fashioned, pre-Revolution, out-of-date, misplaced gallantry; a fatal failure to comprehend the civil war in which we are engaged; or surrender to the awesome power of the Mainstream Media (MSM)?

On this website we have been lauding Devin Nunes for his courage and tenacity as House Intelligence Committee Chairman, penetrating beyond the MSM Russian smear, and discovering the dirty deeds of the Obama regime and its operatives within the Intelligence Services.

Now he has recused himself from the investigation, something the MSM and the Far-Left Democrats have been demanding ever since it became obvious that he meant business. He has surrendered to an ethics accusation made by a Party that abandoned forever ethical behavior back when Bill Clinton was President.

One theory for Nunes’ retreat is that Paul Ryan is behind it, miffed that Nunes did not confide his every proposed move with him. Maybe, or maybe not, but Ryan should have publicly ordered Nunes to stay on the case and dig out the Obama/Rice law-breaking.

The Congressional Democrat Party seems to have more power as a minority than the Republicans have with majorities! Other than holding up one Obama Supreme Court nomination in 2016, I do not recall the Republicans ever exerting any power in 8 years of Obama rule.

I know the Democrats always had the advantage of a supportive propaganda machine (MSM) – and today Limbaugh again stated that “the Democrat Party is an arm of the MSM” – but isn’t it beyond time that the Republicans followed Trump’s example and fought a war?

Waging a war to win requires recognizing the enemy, making no concessions, doing whatever victory demands, and unity. Fighting a civil war also requires taking no prisoners, and a scorched earth policy. The earth that has to be scorched is the MSM and the Media Class behind it, together with the Far Left embedded in the Colleges.

Nunes recusal, along with the collapse of the Health Care Bill, Flynn’s unnecessary resignation, and Trump’s bowing to the unlawful decisions of subversive obscure Federal Judges over Muslim immigration, are the stuff of defeat. Each and every reversal for the Trump Presidency has been a gift to the Revolutionary enemy and an acknowledgment of its continuing power, despite losing the 2016 election. When will we stop retreating?

The Far-Left junior partners in the Ruling Class Alliance were thirsting for open warfare after Trump’s election, but Republican disunity, failures and retreats, have put them on hold. They are becoming convinced that their side still has the power to protect and advance the uncompleted Revolution and bring down the Trump Presidency, without resorting to open warfare.

Is this website alone in concluding that it would be better if the Revolutionary civil was fought openly, before our side becomes hopelessly demoralized by the weakness of our leaders?

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