North Korean Nuclear Confrontation Directly Ahead

Bearing in mind that we Americans are living through an interrupted Revolution, our society still groaning under its transformational achievements, and its continuing control over the Mainstream Media propaganda, this website continues its task of identifying the truth beneath the froth and lies, and the dangers in the real world. A few days ago we claimed that Trump’s Syrian adventure was more diversion than substance. Yesterday we claimed that the MOAB (mother of all bombs) drop on an ISIS base in Afghanistan was another Trump smokescreen.

We might be wrong on both counts, for we contend not only with the lying and frivolous MSM, but with the hidden plans of a President who is trying to restore America’s pre-eminence, credibility and long-term safety. And we attempt this from a humble home in middle California and with no military expertise.

We continue to believe that Trump’s real target is North Korea, and those aircraft carriers and submarines that will soon be lurking off the Korean Peninsula, are there for a showdown and shoot-out.

Whilst many on the Broad Right are doubting Trump’s integrity, falling prey to the MSM’s tactic of divide-and-rule with lies, and mistaking his smoke for the fire of treachery, we think Trump is proving to be a master poker player.

No doubt MOAB was intended to hit the ISIS enemy. No doubt it was an opportunity for the US military to test its latest awesome weapon. No doubt it was delivered as a warning to many enemies and even a reassurance to allies, but we think it was primarily a diversion from plans to take out Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Trump must surely be aware that his moves leave little room for wiggling and that the threat of a nuclear war – a limited one, but the first since 1945 – is directly ahead. The best scenario is that the Chinese have the ability and the will to remove Kim, but only Trump knows if a solid agreement was made in Florida.

Many of our website visitors may doubt our assessment, for the MSM and its Far Left allies are not treating the NK situation as important as Syria, MOAB, the Border Wall Dr. Dao, Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Kaitlin Jennings and the rights of cross-dressers. There is a dangerous nuclear war imminent and America’s Ruling Class is not paying much attention!

The reasons are simple and lie at the heart of America’s sickness. The new Ruling (Media) Class and its Far Left ally has not been defeated by Trump’s election. Its regime is still largely in place, its laws are still mostly on the books, its hold on the people through the MSM remains powerful, and the Media Class still has the wealth and the economic power of a Ruling Class. Trump is still David facing Goliath with his sling and small stones.

Even more dangerous is that this Ruling Class Alliance-in-waiting is unlike any Ruling Class Alliance in human history. It is comprised on the one hand of the Godless; childless perverts; libertines; cocaine-sniffing neurotics; gross materialists, and fantasists who live only for the next fix and the next orgasm. Its allies, a mix of college-based ideologues sheltered from the real world; envious, violent, dysfunctional failures; the government-dependent; ruthless hypocritical opportunists, and greedy Internationalists.

The accidents of technology gifted the Media Class the power to re-create by stealth, a society in its own decadent image. It also gifted the declining Far Left with a Revolutionary partner. What both have in common are a determination to cast common sense and human experience aside, and a belief that ‘facts’ can be invented and fantasy made reality.

This explains why the Ruling Class, its Far Left Ally and the MSM are more concerned with dismissing gender, criminalizing dissent on climate change, same-sex ‘marriage’, throwing open borders, and bringing down a President, whilst ignoring the real world of Islamic Imperialism and nuclear weapons in the hands of a madman.

Unlike my Christian friends, I have never been able to view Good Friday as ‘good’. The determination of the Jewish elite to have a blameless Jewish man crucified for asking people of all races to prepare for the Kingdom of God, the existence of the mob, and the fickleness of the followers of Jesus, are depressing reminders of human moral frailty. Still on this Christian day we can pray that God will guide President Trump in his quest to make America safer.


  1. Very good write-up. However…I do think that once the fat tyrannical Dictator of N Korea is taken out of the picture and the enslaved pitiful people there can “come up for air”, I believe that all military efforts will once again be turned back to Syria and the Middle East. I am too, looking forward to America to be safe again!😉
    Happy Easter!

    • Thank you for your reply. If Trump sends troops to Syria, we will be highly critical. However, it is our prediction that he will turn his attention to Iran as that country has been threatening American shipping and at one time kidnapped our sailors. Happy Easter!

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