No Foreigner Has A Right Of Opinion Or Entry To USA

Despite the President’s tweets, the Mainstream Media continues to exert its evil power by ignoring the voices of the great majority of the American people, and simultaneously swamping the airwaves with the opinions and activities of ‘guests’, the hostile newly-arrived, the permanently discontented, and those who serve foreign interests.

This morning I read an article in California’s Orange County Register that was extolling the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its constant updating of a list it chooses to smear as ‘Hate Groups’. There is no point in wasting time on this website on the SPLC, a Communist Front, rabidly anti-American organization lavishly funded by those whose agenda is to destroy America from within.

What was relevant to this article was the name of the Register’s Staff Writer, Deepa Bharath. Today’s MSM has chosen to employ a high percentage of the foreign-born, usually from the Indian sub-Continent, Asia and the Middle East. We should not be surprised by this, given the Media Class agenda of enforced multi-culturalism and multi-racialism in combination with Far Left politics. No White American Christian, Conservative or Nationalist would get into Journalist school or even in the back door of the MSM.

It is predictable therefore that the MSM is unified today in attacks on Trump’s curb on Muslim immigration, and eager to orchestrate, magnify, launder and authenticate every little protest. The protesters are the usual mix of those (Muslims) with a personal interest, those (professional) full-time Far Left activists who turn out for everything, and the ‘useful idiots’ we wrote about yesterday.

The only voices missing in the MSM are those millions of hard-working, normal, American people who inhabit most of the Continent, who voted for Trump’s immigration policies (and don’t think they go far enough), and who would be happy if not another Muslim ever entered the USA.

Those who get their news and opinions from the MSM will be unaware that few other countries in the world admit immigrants and refugees. Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Holland and the UK are the exceptions, all countries in which the MSM, in alliance with the Far Left, has been able to impose policies of foreign invasion on their people. In almost all of the foregoing, the ordinary voters are about to reject such policies.

We can be sure that Trudeau and Merkel, both currently outspoken in condemning Trump – and in Trudeau’s case offering Canada’s open door to Muslims – have not consulted their tax-paying citizens. Trump should accept Trudeau’s offer and re-direct to Toronto the Muslims who have arrived in America.

Trudeau and Merkel are both arrogant and self-righteous beyond belief but they know they represent the Media Class and International Big Business, and are protected by the MSM. So far, this has been enough to immunize most Western leaders from voter rage, but their time may be running out.

Ripping aside America’s MSM propaganda, the plain facts are that foreigners have absolutely no right of entry, and Presidents are empowered to bar them at airports, ports and border points. Those Federal judges who, from political considerations, invent law and collude with foreigners against the President and his people, need to be removed from office. Let us hope Trump stands firm yet again.

On this website we have sympathy for some of those who are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq but Trump is right that they need safe havens in Arab and Muslim Countries. There are many, and some are rich.

However, this latest example of obstruction of the law, treacherous MSM propaganda, and the protests of the Far Left, can be expected to ratchet up when Trump begins to deport alien criminals. The civil war that America’s internal enemies are thirsting for may soon explode. At that time, we on the Broad Right must ensure that foreign voices no longer prevail in the MSM or on the streets, and that our Hate List, which will include the SPLC, the ACLU and the George Soros Front groups, are sent packing to Canada.

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