Nationalism Trumps All Else At This Time

Regular visitors to this website will be aware that our fundamental message is that America is in the throes of a very real Revolution. It has not yet resulted in the violent conflict usually associated with the assumption of power by a new Ruling Class, because the Revolutionaries have been advancing their agenda by stealth made possible by ownership and control of the Mainstream Media (MSM). In 2008, with the entry of Obama into the White House, and the capture of Congress by the Democrat Party, the Revolutionary Class added control of the machinery of Government to its control of the MSM.

Since 2008, Obama has been quietly purging the machinery of Government and Law administration and packing them with Revolutionary activists and those whose ambitions set aside all other considerations. We maintain that the new Revolutionary Ruling Class that put Obama in the White House (and has kept him there) is the Media Class, and its power is vested in its use of the MSM as a propaganda tool.

We also maintain that the Media Class is numerically too small to rule alone. Having purged the old Democrat Party of Christians and patriots and transformed it into a Far Left Revolutionary Party, the Media Class enjoys a mutually profitable alliance with the Far Left based on a shared agenda. The dominant goal of the Media Class is to impose on America (and eventually the World) an amoral, libertine sexual agenda. This can only quickly be achieved by a giant increase in Government power over the people.

The several goals of the Far Left include economic redistribution (leveling down), the destruction of the Nation State, the destruction of the traditional family, elimination of a European identity, and such Government control of the economy and personal behavior that it will reach into every aspect of every individual’s life. The Far Left works for a totalitarian society by increments.

The Revolutionary agenda of this new Ruling Class alliance has been proceeding quickly and with little resistance. This is in large part due to control of the MSM, and its ability not only to control news and information, but also to pacify the people with an insidiously corrupting culture presented as entertainment. The MSM has also enjoyed the power of intimidation and rewards, and the result has been a political opposition in name only.

Central Government-controlled and unionized education over many years has enabled the organized Far Left to mount a covert operation that has produced generations of brainwashed young people.

President Obama, initially chosen and financed by the Media Class for his willingness to ‘sell’ their agenda and exploit White guilt, was and is a smart opportunist of limited intellect and few if any Presidential achievements on behalf of the American people. In office he has revealed a Far Left instinct, a resentment towards non-Black people and America, and more lately a crypto-Muslim agenda. He has been emboldened over the seven yeras by a supportive and uncritical MSM, no effective political opposition, and more recently by his ownership of an expanded Government machinery.

This has resulted in him speeding up the imposition of an amoral agenda, thus reward his Media Class sponsors and weakening the Nation. We think we are justified in stating that his latest moves on the bizarre transgender issue, reveal a man who is so confident in the power bestowed upon him, that he is now taunting the subdued and legally intimidated Christian people. At the same time, he is revealing similar confidence by pleasing his Far Left comrades with his moves on the opening of borders, the importation of Third World masses, and the recruitment into the USA of tens of thousands of Muslim colonizers.

Given that the Republican Party has been no impediment to his Media Class and Far Left agenda, and that he has increasingly ruled as an Emperor, it is likely that he and his masters viewed the coming election as a mere transfer of power to a Democrat comrade, and that the open borders would achieve the twin objectives of speedily outnumbering America’s conservative people with a racially and culturally Balkanized population, and by increments submerging the American State into an international body. These two together would ensure the Revolution could not be reversed.

A conservative remnant in Congress and among intellectuals saw the 2016 election as the last opportunity to lead a grass-roots civil war inside the Party and transform it into an opposition to Obama’s discarding of Constitutional Government. The ruling rump within the Party saw 2016 as an opportunity to move the Party towards an accommodation with the ascendant Ruling Class, in effect becoming a loyal opposition to the Revolution.

They correctly saw that this would ensure that Congressional politics would continue to be nothing more than painless shadow-boxing, ensuring a share of the spoils of Washington’s rewards, allowing a retreat on moral issues that would appease the MSM (thus avoiding the risks of embarrassing revelations of Washington nightlife to the folks back home), and the approval of the big donors of International Big Business.

It was the shared intention of the Republican rump, Big Business, the Far Left Democrat Party and Obama, that the betrayal of the American Nation State should not intrude into the election agenda. The conservative remnant within the Republican Party, obsessed with Obama’s calculated indifference to Congress and Constitutionalism, failed to see the wood for the trees. A belated simple appeal to Nationalism, by-passing the discredited Congressional process and its adherents, has proved to be effective and timely in the hands of a true outsider. There can be a Nation State without a Constitution but there cannot be a meaningful Constitution without a Nation State. The restoration of borders, language and culture (Nationalism), long touted by Michael Savage, must have precedence over the old two-Party politics that have become a mere charade.

Enter Donald Trump who perhaps unwittingly or only half-consciously, injected the survival of the American Nation State into the election, thereby upending the agenda and unravelling traditional Party loyalties. The election is now about Nationalism, as it should be, for the State is in imminent danger of destruction. Trump is, whether or not he realizes it, leading a Counter-Revolution.

There are those who would benefit materially from Internationalism, and there are those who are ideologically mesmerized by it, for it is a Revolutionary leap into the darkness of fantasy. There are those who are merely short-sighted and easily duped by the MSM. In short, Internationalists are a mixed bag, but those Internationalists who have been embedded in the Conservative movement, let them desert to the Far Left Democrats or a Third Party. Their departure will enable the Republican Party to be genuinely patriotic, serving only the American people, truly Conservative and ultimately moral.

Ordinary working American people, whose ancestors created the Nation State and who now have everything invested in it, are realizing that they will be condemned by Internationalism to humiliation, poverty, dependence on the Government, and eventual racial and cultural elimination. Trump must not deviate from his Nationalist (and common-sense) message, his followers must keep his feet to the fire, and they must overwhelmingly elect him to the White House.

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