Nation State Suicide

The following article from an extract on Yahoo was forwarded to me and says it all about the motivation of those who want open borders to the third world. Recommended reading!

The policy of the Europeans of flooding the continent with Third World welfare parasites, primarily young men, is obviously designed to destroy the distinct cultures of the German people, the English people, the Swedes, the French, etc., through forced and government-subsidized and controlled integration. Giant new government bureaucracies have been created to centrally plan this endeavor.

Merkel is a self-hating German “former” communist; the British Labourites are self-hating Brits; etc. etc. Their ideological rallying cry has for decades been that “western culture” is the bane of civilization, and therefore must go. “Hey, Ho, Western Culture’s Got to Go” was the chant of a mob of Stanford University students some twenty years ago led by the ever-camera-ready Jesse Jackson. It was one of the opening salvos in the PC-ization of higher education in America.

I have heard this theory repeated by left-wing academics for at least the past three decades. One of their canned lines is to state with an ominous expression that “eighty percent of Americans live in a neighborhood where the majority of people are of the same ethnicity or race.” Horrors!

Ten years or so ago, when the cultural Marxists took over Loyola University Maryland, the newly-installed academic vice president, one Timothy Law Snyder, in his first address to the business school faculty, mentioned nothing about academics but repeated this supposedly horrifying statistic (after using the word “diversity,” the mating call of the contemporary academic bureaucrat, at least 500 times). “We are going to put an end to this” he declared. How a minor, petty bureaucrat at a small college that hardly anyone has ever heard of would achieve this was never explained.

The point here is that from the head of the German government to the pettiest of academic bureaucrats in the U.S., the totalitarian socialist left is hell bent on destroying western culture, and their first point of attack is through immigration policy. It is school busing on steroids but without all the arrogant, racist, guilty-white-liberal nonsense about how black kids will learn more in school if you just sit a white kid down next to them.

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