MSM Will Ignore Email Scandal

America’s Mainstream Media, the most powerful propaganda weapon in world history and the tool of America’s Ruling Media Class, has already succeeded in cowing a Republican Congressional majority into submission to a lawless President, and into acquiescing in the consecutive appointments of two openly partisan Attorney Generals and two openly partisan Supreme Court Justices. It has also succeeded, under cover of neutral reporting, in painting Presidential candidate Donald Trump as a dangerous clown and a dishonest businessman.

Given that the lawless President and his lawless AG are the only people in the USA to whom the FBI Director James Comey is accountable, it was always predictable that Comey would balk at acting independently. When Comey accepted his job, he knew he was becoming an accessory to, and an enabler of, a government detached from the Constitution, employing arbitrary law and tolerating no opposition. Presumably he could not resist the lure and rewards of high office and fame. Perhaps he calculated he could navigate through the job without being called upon to compromise his integrity too obviously, and did not see the Clinton test coming.

By cataloguing the already-public Clinton crimes and lies after an ‘investigation’ that was little more than a collusion, and avoiding recommending action over them on flimsy technicalities, Comey has sought to both appear neutral and professional, whilst keeping on the right side of an all-powerful President who rules without legal restraints and is unforgiving. The bottom line is that Comey has proven gutless when tested, but motivating his gutlessness is the knowledge that the MSM would throw him to the wolves in the event that he crossed the President and provoked the Democrat rank-and-file.

Members of the Broad Right (that part of society that believes laws are for everyone) are appropriately outraged by Clinton’s legal immunity but are drawing comfort from the belief that their Nationalist standard-bearer, Donald Trump, will benefit from the continuation into November of the scandal as a hot issue. Their comfort comes in part from their faith in Donald Trump’s steadfastness, for he alone has shown the courage to stand up to the President, the Judiciary, to the reigning, suffocating political correctness, and most of all to the all-powerful MSM.

Trump will not hesitate to continually call Clinton a crook and a liar and denounce her escape from prosecution as evidence of Obama’s lawless reign. But will that be enough to elect Trump in November and save America? We hope so, but doubt it, for four things in particular give us cause for pessimism.

One is the awesome power of the MSM to ignore issues by creating other issues. The second is the stupidity of an American public that, despite experience, continues to fall for MSM propaganda. The third is the moral condition of so many younger people who admire dishonesty when the ends justify means with which they identify. The fourth is the hidden power of the Internationalists who infest the upper reaches of the Republican Party and Big Business, and who will sell out America to defeat Trump and his followers.

Far too many in contemporary America will not be shocked or repelled by Clinton’s brazen lies. Many more will be easily distracted by a daily diet of new and distracting MSM headlines. The MSM will be flat out to ‘move on’ the voters from the email issue, Clinton’s guilt and the brazen miscarriage of justice. It will concentrate on destroying Trump’s reputation, impugning the motives of those who attempt to sustain the issue, and grooming the Republican renegades who are happy to give aid and comfort to a crooked, dangerous, greedy and ruthless Democrat in order to snuff out American Nationalism.

On this website we have long claimed that only the UK’s British National Party is worthy of the support of American Nationalists, Christians and true Conservatives. Yes, the BNP advocates an old-fashioned and long-discredited Socialism of nationalization, yes it harbors those who are irrational about skin color and yes it has the intellectual limitations of an organization that represents poor but respectable people. This latter limitation is the result of decades of vicious official persecution and unrelenting MSM hostility.

No-one who has to earn a living can afford to publicly support the BNP in any shape or form. The Party cannot hold public meetings because the Far Left, with official approval, employs violence against those who attend. Every utterance of its supporters and every publication of the Party is officially examined for legal prosecution under laws designed to stifle free speech on immigration and multi-culturalism. Not surprisingly, only those with little materially to lose, risk giving support. Inevitably these are mostly the inarticulate and those who are not afraid of physical conflict on the streets and at home.

The good side of this is that the Party attracts true patriots. Their commitment to Britain has been tested in battle and by personal suffering. There are no careerists in their ranks and all members are dedicated. The Party is not owned by hidden and sinister International forces. Since it dumped the immature and insecure Nick Griffin, who preferred to be a big fish in a little pond, there is no reason why any true British patriot would join any other organization. Apart from its economic Socialism, the Party and its members support British political and economic independence, opposition to immigration, the defense of Britain’s cultural identity, free speech, traditional individual rights, real marriage and Christian values. Unlike the Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green Party, it is not extreme or ‘Far’ anything.

If the Party had not been so successfully persecuted it would now be the organized voice of those millions who voted for Brexit. The UKIP is a mixture of well-meaning but timid patriots, political dilettantes, opportunists and muddlers, and quite incapable of leading the counter-revolution that the voters have inspired.

We have explained in a recent article why the Conservative Party in Parliament is not at all a Nationalist Party, most of its MP’s opposed Brexit and those who did not are opportunists with no history of Nationalism. The Parliament – after the turmoil has died down – will consist of MP’s working to undo the voter’s decision.

Unfortunately, the BNP is now led by an honorable man but one lacking intellectual gifts and charisma. However, it is an organization that could be a Nationalist embryo for the leaderless forces outside Parliament. Cometh the hour, cometh the man (or woman)?

Global Warming Watch

The MSM in America continues to falsely present a picture of new extremes and weather-made catastrophes. Most Californian wildfires are the result of increased population and mindless development in fragile forested areas. The Californian water shortage is wholly the result of officially-encouraged population growth.

For the record, the peak temperature here today in middle California is 79F. The average for July 8th is 88F. The hottest recorded temperature for this day was 113F in 1905.

Meanwhile in the UK I am informed that it is another wet, cool, miserable summer and so much the same as always.

Music Choice

I read somewhere recently that a genius is someone who does easily what others cannot do at all. This definition certainly applies to the unrivalled alto-saxophonist Charlie Parker who is a towering musical genius, but I think the forgotten pianist Michael ‘Dodo’ Marmarosa (1925 – 2002) might just scrape into the ‘genius’ category.

Marmarosa at aged 15 was good enough to play professionally in the bands of Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa and Artie Shaw, all top of the heap in their day. He then went to California, graduated from swing to bebop, and recorded with Charlie Parker and other leading players.

Unfortunately, despite his prodigious talent on piano, he suffered from mental health problems and as a result returned to his family in Pittsburgh and almost disappeared from the music scene. In 1962 he recorded one last time with Gene Ammons but the session also included a few piano bass and drums trio titles. I recommend his own composition ‘The Moody Blues’, a catchy melody with a deceptively complex structure. Marmarosa made it sound easy to play, for he was possessed of a superb technique and a truly creative mind. He deserves to be remembered at a time when serious newspapers waste columns on musical morons.

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