Moral Litmus Tests

Way back in the distant 1980’s, the rising Media Class began the purposeful take-over of the Democratic Party, for it needed a mass political organization as a junior partner in its bid to become America’s Ruling Class and control law-making.

The Media Class was, from the beginning of its formation, both revolutionary and Leftist. It was revolutionary because it aspired to be a Ruling Class and remake the USA in its own image, and Leftist because its roots were in Hollywood’s dysfunctional and discontented Bohemia.

Using its powerful Mainstream Media (its main source of hidden propaganda, punishment and rewards) it began by subjecting the Democratic Party to a series of litmus tests. The aim was to drive out the social conservatives, who happened to be a substantial part of its working-class base. Social conservatism is, of course anathema to both the Hollywood and other Media perverts, and also to the revolutionary Far-Left.

The most prominent litmus test issues were abortion and homosexuality. Democratic Party representatives at all levels were systematically driven from office on the issue of abortion. Few politicians can hold on to office in the face of a hostile but covert Media campaign, and over the course of a few years the Democratic Party became the Party of Abortion. It did not matter to the aspiring revolutionaries that the party increasingly parted company with many workers. Their ranks and contributions were replaced by the growth of the (also purged by litmus test) Public Service Unions and the rise of the Far-Left Feminist movement on College campuses.

Once the abortion litmus test was completed, the Democratic Party was purged of those who defended real marriage. More recently it has been completely purged of real Christians.

My point is that the Democratic Party was transformed into a revolutionary fighting machine that is disciplined and united, by the litmus tests of morality. It was morals – and not national budget and economic issues – that purged the party.

It should be no surprise to people on the Broad Right that the financially Conservative legislators who sell out at crucial times are also the Republicans who defend Planned Parenthood, same-sex marriage, transgenders in the military and all the other issues that separate revolutionaries from counter-revolutionaries.

Those on our side (like Michael Savage) who adopt a Libertarian view of sexual behavior are dreadfully misguided. It is impossible to be both a Libertarian and a Nationalist, for it is moral private behavior that makes a nation strong. The Ruling Media Class and its Far-Left allies understood that from the beginning, hence the litmus tests and purges of the Democratic Party (and many other institutions since).

Does this mean that the Broad Right should criminalize all immoral and unnatural behavior? The answer is ‘no’ for the Broad Right is not totalitarian and rightly fears excessive government. Abortion can be greatly restricted without venturing into the extreme situations that confront some women, and making allowance for the foolishness that sexual impulses inevitably cause.

Homosexuality in private and between consenting adults need not be criminalized, but can be discouraged and officially disapproved of, in the same way that smoking is now treated. Perverted sexual behavior, like gluttony, obesity, and other vices that are detrimental to a healthy society, can be discouraged without repressive laws.

The alternative (it is the only alternative, and we are experiencing it at a geometric pace) is that perversion and abnormal behaviors are promoted by the state as ‘normal’ and imposed on all by criminalizing resistance.

The Broad Right must begin applying litmus tests on morality for all our politicians, or we will continue to be sold out by the McCains, Collins, Murkowskis, Grahams, Capitos, Portmans and Hellers. Those politicians of the Broad Right who are willing to stand up to the MSM and Far-Left on moral issues will be resolute in all battles.

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