Mohamed Bouhlel: Muslim ‘Soldier’

France’s state of emergency proved to be no protection for hundreds of French citizens enjoying a public holiday. If there is one glaring conclusion to be drawn from the massacre in Nice, it is that good citizens in the Western World need to be able to defend themselves. As long as Muslims are allowed to move freely among us, we are hugely vulnerable. How are we to know which ones are peaceful and which are homicidal warriors for the sacred Islamic Imperial Jihad?

Every large gathering of vulnerable American citizens must be considered a particular magnet of danger, but even places of work and a walk in the street are now a risk, and the risk is heightened with every Muslim admitted by Obama. ISIS has claimed Bouhlel as one of their soldiers, but this will not deter the crypto-Muslim in the White House or his Far Left anti-Christian comrades in the Mainstream Media from defining Bouhlel as a ‘lone wolf’ or an individual acting entirely from personal motives.

Since the MSM is a source of propaganda and not innocent information, treat all their columns that are now being devoted to Bouhlel as works of art designed to shape your thinking to fit a narrative. The narrative is that Muslims are practitioners of the Religion of Peace, that hundreds of thousands must be imported to ensure that America (and Europe) is no longer a bastion of White privilege or Christianity, that there is no place for bigotry masquerading as ‘alarmism’, and that the authorities have things in hand in so far as that is humanly possible.

We now know that the French authorities, despite several recent Muslim outrages and a large militant, growing Muslim minority, had no suspicion or awareness that Bouhlel was a terrorist-in-waiting. The propaganda profile now being concocted by the MSM and authorities is that he was a ‘troubled’ individual. Whenever you read or hear the word ‘troubled’ be alerted, for it is a Far Left social work word used to avoid ‘judgmental’ words like ‘bad’, ‘criminal’, ‘feckless’, nasty’, ‘violent’ or ‘waster’.

‘Troubled’ has long been employed by the MSM and Far Leftists to explain away an early criminal or feckless history of a minority member who has been arrested or shot by police. The word is not only a camouflage word, but is intended to remove personal responsibility from the individual and attribute bad actions to vague external forces so that the he becomes in the back of our minds, a victim.

MSM enquiries into Bouhlel’s background are not going to reveal his connections to militant Islam. His relationship with his wife and three children are described as ‘troubled’. His recent violence cannot be concealed by the MSM because it is a matter of police record, but neighbors will be sought to describe him as ‘quiet’, unremarkable’ etc. At the same time he will be portrayed as a violent man because he was ‘troubled’, but his violence was the only cause of his rampage and cannot be connected to religion and religious associates.

MSM ‘investigations’ of minority offenders invariably avoid mentioning employment – or rather a lack of it – when this would reveal that the offender is living off tax-payers. I have just read a long MSM ‘investigation’ of Bouhlel’s background and there is no mention of how he received an income. Nor is there any explanation of how this man found his way into France and for what purpose, how he managed to finance a wife and three children, how he spent his time each day, how he became a legal resident of France, how his wife and three children were financed once he separated from them, whether he had a valid driving license, why he only received a suspended prison sentence for a violent attack using a piece of wood, whether a Court report was written about him prior to sentencing and if so what did it say and recommend, and how he funded renting a truck.

There is a reason why all the above questions remain unexplored by the MSM. Their answers would reveal the workings of a modern, Far Left-dominated welfare State, how taxpayer money is wasted on riff-raff, how riff-raff exploit open-door policies, are unpunished for crime, in fact how the public agencies and many private ones in States like France (and the USA) favor the feckless and lawless in the name of toleration, inclusiveness, non-judgmentalism and redistribution. The good citizens must not be informed, alerted, awoken about the state of things otherwise they might act out their latent bigotry and vote for Trump or Le Pen!

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (a Socialist) now says “France will have to live with terrorism”. These are words Obama and Clinton will utter at some point in the future when America’s next major terrorist event occurs. France’s good citizens are being told on good authority that they cannot be protected. This is a lie! Valls sentence is unfinished, and need the words “ as long as we tolerate a Muslim minority in our midst”. He could also have added “and as long as our good citizens remain disarmed”.

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