Megyn Kelly, Erickson and Fox

As yet there is no evidence that the manufactured outrage over Donald Trump’s remarks about Megyn Kelly’s eyes has affected his standing in the opinion polls. An NBC poll, taken amidst the orchestrated furore puts him at 23% (+ 1)%, Ted Cruz up to (13% (+7), Carson 11% (+3), Fiorina 8% (+6), Rubio 8%, Bush 7% (-3), Walker 7% (-3), and Huckabee and Paul 5%.

———————– Donald Trump (23%)

————- Ted Cruz (13%)

———– Ben Carson (11%)

——– Carly Fiorina (8%)

——– Marco Rubio (8%)

——- Jeb Bush (7%)

——- Scott Walker (7%)

—– Mike Huckabee (5%)

—– Rand Paul (5%)

Our Donald- true to form- has not apologized for his ’bloody eyes’ remark but has dug in. The Republican establishment has worked hard to accuse him of making a ‘menstrual’ remark and therefore an attack on women.

It never occurred to this website’s writer that the remark was ‘menstrual’, but then we must have led sheltered lives. In any case, if it was ’menstrual’, so what! In these days when the Internet is full of propaganda for perversion, TV comedians of both sexes dredge the sewers of life to sound ‘edgy’, and TV adverts leave nothing to the imagination, what is shocking or derogatory about menstruation?

We might add that Megyn Kelly (who moves in, and has prospered in Media circles), must be as worldly, un-shockable and thick-skinned as any New York whore. In our Media-dominated world where the Virgin Mary is the butt of comic’s sordid jokes, and the ‘marriage’ of two women and their battery-operated equipment is celebrated by every News Channel, what is special about women that they cannot be ridiculed. Men are ridiculed and vilified all the time and no-one in politics or in the MSM mentions the ‘war on men’.

Erick Erickson is reported as saying that he would not allow his wife and daughter to be in the same room as Our Donald. What shrinking violets these two women of his must be! Presumably he never exposes them to TV and the Hollywood cinema and switches off the Michael Savage Talk Radio program when “listener discretion is advised”. What a load of nonsense this Kelly/Trump outrage is! It tells us that those who are busy manufacturing it are quite unprincipled and no better than Leftists. They are willing to take down the most popular Republican candidate with political correctness.

We wish the Republican contest was focused equally on five topics. Immigration/borders; Black violence; the restoration of Constitutional government; the restoration of real marriage; the restoration of free speech. It is clear however, that when Donald Trump took off the gloves on the issue of illegal immigration, the Ruling Class and its allies in both Parties immediately closed ranks to silence both him and the issue. This has erupted into the battleground issue. Almost accidentally it has flushed out the Republican candidates who are either signed up to Big Business or are unwilling to fight for America‘s working people. The issue has also opened a chasm between the Party elite and its grass roots and pushed Fox News to the Left.

This battle ground is where we now have to fight and that means supporting Donald Trump. We have to hope that not only does he stay firm but that the battle radicalizes him on the other four issues.

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