Media Resurrecting Putin Attacks

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a large front-page picture of black-helmeted Russian police detaining a struggling young woman under the heading “Thousands of Protesters Take to the Streets in Russia”. No large action picture in a MSM Newspaper is simply there as news. It is always chosen specifically to advance an agenda. Sometimes it is a suffering Arab woman and child to create sympathy. Sometimes it is a person of color doing something clever, brave or exceptional. Always, it is propaganda!

By ‘coincidence’ this morning’s radio news stories also focused on yesterday’s protests in some Russian cities, emphasizing that the Government was forcibly cracking down on free speech and that citizens were being held in custody simply for protesting.

As our website visitors will know there are no coincidences when the Mainstream Media (MSM), or even a significant portion of it, marches in lockstep. Two or more same-day ‘big stories’ on Russian protests indicate that a Media Class agenda is kicking off or gaining steam.

The MSM is reporting that the Russian protests are about corruption, that within Russia there is a growing opposition to Putin’s corrupt government, and public outrage can only be contained by police suppression.

Are there many countries in the world where corruption is not the norm? Switzerland comes to mind, and perhaps Austria. Maybe some small central European nations, Singapore, New Zealand and to a lesser extent Australia, are probably run by fairly honest politicians and public servants. After that it is hard to come up with more. Is there a Central or South American Nation with anything less than a rampantly corrupt system?

Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, the Far East and the Indian sub-continent are all hopelessly corrupt. I know for a fact that Spain is corrupt from top to bottom, and Italy, Portugal, and Greece could not function without the bribery of public officials and politicians. It is what keeps the wheels oiled.

Poland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries do not officially tolerate financial corruption in the way that the Mediterranean countries embrace it, but financial corruption is not the only (or most dangerous) kind. There is another kind of official corruption that has emerged in the last few decades and it is far more dangerous than that which involves bribery and favoritism.

A MSM and Government, which by one means and another, suppresses real news and substitutes it with a dishonest agenda, is corrupt. When the race or the religion or the sexual habits of criminal perpetrators are systematically hidden from the people, that is corruption of the highest order!

Here in the USA and many other ‘advanced’ countries, this kind of corruption is now the norm, and it is more dangerous than financial corruption because it is designed to consign its people to ignorance, servitude and worse.

In most of the countries where this suppression of real news is the norm, there are also laws to hugely restrict free speech and public protest. There is no free speech in Canada on race, religion and sexual behavior. In the UK, the BNP has long been permitted only restricted speech and restricted public access. Police permits must be obtained to hold meetings, or march in public places, and these are routinely denied on the grounds that certain privileged groups may object and react violently. Is this any different than Putin’s Russia?

So why is the American MSM suddenly stirring outrage on behalf of a few thousand opponents of Putin’s government and its methods? Ask this question before being outraged!

Putin is as financially corrupt as the average Democrat politician in the USA, and he is as intolerant of political opposition as any American Far Leftist. Russia’s MSM, in collusion with Putin’s ruling clique, almost certainly conceals facts and invents news as effectively as the MSM here in the USA. In Putin’s Russia, it is probably just as difficult to obtain a permit to rally and march (in opposition) as it is to march against the Muslim invasion in the UK, or protest homosexuality in Toronto.

So why is the American MSM suddenly preoccupied with advertising and supporting protests in Russia? Well, the protest movement there is probably being instigated and funded by Soros organizations. And Putin, for all his many faults, is raising the same banner of Nationalism as Donald Trump, Le Pen and the Prime Minister of Hungary. And here in the USA, the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class and its MSM are, without a single piece of evidence, working to smear Donald Trump’s election with collusion with Putin – crook with crook, tyrant with tyrant. The MSM Russian reports today tell us that the Russian smear is to be sustained and intensified in order to bring down the Trump Presidency.

So there you have it!

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