Media Class/Far-Left Alliance vs. “Bitter Clingers”

As we await the Comey hearings, amid endless Mainstream Media/Democratic Party unspecified charges of Trump’s election collusion with the Russians, it is time to restore clarity to this fog of war. The technology-created, hugely-wealthy Media Class, mainly through the power and skills of its MSM, embarked on becoming America’s first Ruling Class. Having purged the Democratic Party of its social moderates, fashioned a comfortable alliance with the Far Left, and in 2008 put Obama in the White House for 8 long, productive years, the Media Class in 2016 had almost completed the revolutionary transition of America by stealth and the suppression of real news.

Control of the White House for one more term was all that it was going to take to put the (mainly social/cultural) revolution beyond repeal, and America on the road to big government Socialism. Hillary and Bill Clinton, though not greatly liked by the Media Class, were sufficiently corrupt and unprincipled to be trusted with the task of mopping up from the White House the remnants of any lingering counter-revolutionary resistance.

Then everything went wrong. Instead of being a shoe-in, Clinton’s flaws (mostly revealed by WikiLeaks, perhaps with Putin’s help) plus the intervention of the unorthodox and energetic Donald Trump, put revolutionary victory in doubt.

The Media Class, its control over news and popular entertainment providing a propaganda power never before seen in human history, was forced to partially pull back the curtain and reveal its existence. Elbowing aside the stumbling and scandal-ridden Clintons, and the bumbling Democratic Party leadership, the Media Class unleashed its MSM as a naked, partisan political force charged with defeating Trump by any and every means.

From this point on both the Broad Right and Trump (and many uncommitted Americans) realized that the MSM controlled the Democratic Party and not vice versa. The political unity, tight agenda and the cohesiveness of the MSM (what we have always called ‘marching in lockstep’) should have led to an unmasking of the Media Class itself.

Unfortunately, ownership and control over almost all sources of news and entertainment in the age of mass technological communication is a formidable power. When everyone sits in front of a computer where propaganda dressed as ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’ is seamlessly interwoven with other information; all voters rely on radio and TV soundbites for ‘news’; and TV, movies, radio, newspapers, magazines and popular ‘music’ all promote and reinforce the same agenda, it is not surprising that few see the wood for the trees.

Despite the role now played by the MSM – dedicated to bringing down the Trump Presidency – the presence of a Ruling Media Class remains concealed. This is its other huge advantage! No Ruling Class in history has been able to hide from view, and pursue its selfish agenda in secret.

One example will suffice for the most astute. When every TV program, every news report, every Hollywood movie, every newspaper and magazine, every pro-sportsman and every pop song treats same-sex marriage as normal, even liberated, is it surprising that before long most people abandon common sense and go with the crowd?

For those on the Broad Right who now recognize the MSM as the political opposition (even if they fail to see behind the scenes and understand the new Ruling Class and its revolutionary agenda), the post-election all-out offensive waged on Trump by the MSM and its allies, has come as a shock.  This is not ‘politics-as-usual’, so what is happening?

The root explanation is that when a new class takes power, a revolution is unleashed as the new class proceeds to remake society in its own image. Control of the MSM has enabled America’s new Ruling Class to carry out a revolution by increments and stealth, lulling the population with fake news, concealed facts and the distractions of decadent entertainment.

One particular speech by Obama to a Media Class audience in San Francisco, early in his Presidency, revealed his understanding of his revolutionary task in the White House. He referred to the ‘bitter clingers with their guns and bibles’, and ‘the transformation of America’.

Although few grasped the monstrous import of this speech, Obama was signaling who constituted the enemy of the new class – Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists. Bibles and guns, and all that went with them (America’s culture and history), were to be consigned to the past as outdated and an obstruction to progress.

Obama, under the cover of the MSM, has been busy for 8 years remaking America by quietly purging its institutions and creating the machinery of revolution. Donald Trump has inherited a machinery of government occupied by the enemy. The MSM, the federal courts, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and most everything federal are working together to terminate his Presidency and complete the final stages of the revolution.

Many on the Broad Right, including luminaries like Rush Limbaugh, have concluded that the Media Class/Far-Left pathological hatred of Trump is because he is an interloper and an outsider, challenging the Washington elites.

On this website, we see this as a surface view. Trump may have characteristics and methods that upset the elites, but it is his accidental arousal and ignition of a slumbering Nationalism among working people that has inspired fear in the Ruling Media Class and its Far-Left allies. Those giant Trump rallies of predominantly White working people with a new-found confidence and a voice, were so dangerous.

True Nationalism rejects everything that the revolutionary Ruling Class Alliance has pursued. It rejects Internationalism, moral standards that weaken a people, mass immigration, and resists any attack on an old culture. In America’s case, it places Christianity back in the center of public life. It opposes radical changes, especially those that offend common sense and old standards tested by centuries.

Trump faces trumped-up charges at every turn and has no friends in a Congressional Republican Party that has long been compromised and lived in fear of the MSM.

On this website, because we understand the forces at work, we have advocated that Trump address directly and mobilize, the Nationalist followers who made him President. We have advocated that Trump forsake foreign affairs and concentrate on defeating the enemy at home. We advocated abandoning Washington D.C. and relocating to the heartland of America. He should also dismiss his culturally-corrupted family from his inner circle and ally with those who fight for the restoration of moral policies. He must urgently purge the government machine of Obama appointees. Better to have empty posts than enemy occupants.

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