Media Class! Media Class!

The website ‘Radical and Right’, thanks to some very effective sabotage from who-knows-where, has ceased contributing daily articles. Anything written now has to be posted from public sources and will therefore be only occasional. This writer cannot gain access to the website from home.

Several regular website visitors sent emails expressing regret. One directed the writer (George Wellor) to the website ‘The Official Breitbart Store’ and a July 16th posting by Matthew Boyle. It was headed “Dr. Seb Gorka Defines the Enemy ‘Opposition Party’ Media.

According to the article, Gorka is a Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump and “he has now defined the enemy”. It is “the Fake News Industrial Complex”.

Any source which pinpoints the Mainstream Media as the enemy of truth, freedom and the American people is welcome, and more so when the source is close to our embattled President. However, a source which is only half-right, yet is influential in the White House, is potentially dangerous.

I am not sure what the ‘fake news industrial complex’ is meant to explain, other than the words ‘industrial complex’ appeal to shallow thinkers.

Later in the Boyle article there was this. “Stephen Bannon earlier this year identified the media class as the opposition party”.

Bannon sounds like a good guy and he too has Trump’s ear which excited me, for the term ‘Media Class’ has real meaning. This was the first time I have seen this term used anywhere in the whole alternative media, other than on the website ‘Radical and Right’, where it has been used for more than 10 years.

I hope Bannon has been a regular reader of ‘Radical and Right’ and understands that ‘media class’ is not to be confused with ‘fake news industrial complex’.

Certainly, the Media Class, whose power emanates from its Mainstream Media, has been brazenly propagating fake news ever since Donald Trump’s unexpected election last November drove it to desperation. But the MSM has been pedaling nothing but propaganda for decades. ‘Fake’ news is a recent addition to invented news, twisted news, nuanced news, inflated news and suppressed news, and we can lump it all together as ‘propaganda’ in support of a concealed and perverted agenda.

But what the American people foolishly consume as ‘news’ is only one half of the propaganda output of the Ruling Media Class and its more recent Far-Left ally. The other half has been cunningly saturating the popular entertainment of the American people for many decades and advancing what, in shorthand we may call ‘Hollywood morality’.

Here are the basics and they must be understood in order to have any chance of saving America:

1.  The Media Class, created by the accidents of technology and changing work patterns, has used its MSM to become America’s first Ruling Class. In alliance with the Far Left, it captured legislative power in 2008, and embarked on the stealthy legalization of an agenda that discarded the Constitution. This was the penultimate stage of a Revolution, and 2016 was intended to commence the final stage – the criminalization of opponents (Counter-Revolutionaries), open borders and the dismantling of the Nation State.

2.  The intervention of Donald Trump, reigniting Nationalism, and his narrow election victory, has temporarily deprived the Ruling Class Alliance of legislative power and threatens the completion of their Revolution.

3.  They will either bring down the Trump Presidency by combining fake news and illegitimate political devices, or civil disorder will erupt into a civil war. The Ruling Class will not concede defeat.

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