Mainstream Media Will Not be Shamed or Deterred

There is a certain optimism on some conservative Talk Radio Shows that the MSM has been caught out, lying about Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia. Along with this idea of being ‘caught out’ is an assertion that the American people have tired of the lies and MSM anti-Trump campaign and consequently the MSM has lost its propaganda powers.

The departure of three ‘journalists’ from CNN over a story that was rabidly anti-Trump and without any foundation is being viewed in some conservative quarters as evidence that there are limits to what the MSM can get away with. CEO Jeff Zucker and his claim that journalism in general, and his CNN in particular, are driven to lower journalistic standards by a search for ratings is not only not an apology but a cunning ploy to deny a consuming political motive behind the outrageous lies and determined anti-Trump campaign being waged by all the MSM.

The MSM campaign to oust Trump from the Presidency is a wall-to-wall effort, has no connection to ratings and profits, and is a central weapon in an undeclared but very serious civil war.

The MSM will not for one moment cease or modify its campaign to remove Trump from the Presidency, and it will continue to resort to false news, lies, distortions and any dishonesty required to get the job done.

We write this with confidence because we understand the big picture, which is that the Media Class and its Far-Left allies are engaged in rescuing a near-completed revolution that was snatched away by Trump’s highly unorthodox election campaign and his unexpected – though narrow – victory.

The MSM is the unprecedented propaganda weapon that bestowed Ruling Class aspirations on the emerging Media Class and propelled it to power. It took only an unholy and informal alliance with the Far-Left for the Media Class to become America’s first-ever Ruling Class.

In 2008, when the thoroughly-purged Far-Left Democratic Party won control of Congress, and Obama (the carefully-chosen pawn of the perverted Hollywood billionaires) won the White House, a social, moral and socialist Revolution, stealthily prepared over years of propaganda news and entertainment, began in earnest.

The evidence of this profound revolution and its eight years of implementation is all around us. Comrades of the Broad Right (counter-revolutionary): when you read that most nominal Christians, many practicing Christians and a majority of the population are now accepting of same-sex marriage, are resigned to homosexuals in the military, and to same-sex couples adopting and fostering children, you are experiencing the results of a stealthy transformation of society. It has been achieved by MSM propaganda allied to the legislative victories and oppressions of the Obama years.

The anti-Trump elements that have infested government agencies (and called ‘deep-state’) are also a consequence of the stealthy revolution, as is so much else. Most recently has been the push to normalize and protect the transgender nonsense that is a mix of mental illness and the sexual corruption of a once-healthy America.

The agenda of the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class alliance is not at all driven by profits. Newspapers and TV stations are willing to lose customers, just as all large retail companies are willing to offend many customers in the implementation of for example transgender bathrooms.

We have a Ruling Class and its Far-Left allies, who are willing to lose income and profits in the short term, confident that when the revolution is completed their agenda will tolerate no opposition.

The MSM is a near-monopoly and so are its fellow-travelers in the hi-tech world of popular communications. Their lying propaganda will continue to reach and sway (often unconsciously) and persuade most Americans, just as in the Soviet USSR and its vassal states most people knew their media was governed by propaganda but had no defense against it.

There is no judge and no jury that can hold to account a Ruling Class and its propaganda. Sarah Palin may ultimately win her case and financial compensation against the NYT but this will make no difference to the ruthless campaign of a Ruling Class Alliance bent on removing Trump and completing their revolution.

We are in a civil war between revolutionary forces and counter-revolutionary forces. Trump has been nibbling away at the gains of the Obama years and behind him is a Nationalist movement that is armed and ready to fight. It is not a majority, but the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class Alliance is also not a majority.

The civil war is likely to end in open warfare but no one can know for sure. What is certain is that the MSM will continue its all-out campaign of lies and propaganda to bring down Trump until he capitulates or falls. For his part, he is proving to be remarkably resilient – and his supporters have stamina.


Two White men, James Curran and Tim Byrne were on a visit to New Orleans, when they were attacked and robbed in a French Quarter street. Both were severely injured and one is in critical condition. The four alleged attackers, young Black men, have been arrested. I once spent a week in the New Orleans French Quarter looking for the old jazz scene. This was some 18 years ago and it was clearly dangerous for non-Blacks after dark.

Since the revolutionary years of Obama, the Black under-class has grown in confidence so New Orleans must be much more dangerous now. This did not deter the two members of the Boston UUA who were down for a conference, but they probably believed the nonsense peddled by their organization.

We do not condone cowardly street attacks but the irony here is that the Unitarian Universalist ‘Church’ is not remotely Christian, but promotes homosexuality, mass immigration, diversity, inclusion and – wait for it – Black Lives Matter. The UU is extremely well funded as befits an organization that promotes homosexuality and open borders, whilst masquerading as a religion.

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