Mainstream Media Shields Clinton

One of the recurring themes in the daily Far Left propaganda of the MSM is that Donald Trump endured a bad couple of weeks, resulting in the irreversible decline in his support and the increased lead of Hillary Clinton. It did not take long for the Opinion Polls to underwrite this theme. I challenge any of our website visitors to deny that the ‘two bad weeks’ had no impact on their morale. At some level, even we who think we have inoculated ourselves against the MSM propaganda, were affected with dismay.

MSM ‘evidence’ of the ‘bad two weeks’ mostly revolved around Trump’s accusation of bias against a Latino activist judge who is hearing a civil case against him. This accusation was reported as being unpopular, uncalled-for, unjustified, and unworthy of a responsible politician. The other MSM evidence of the ‘bad two weeks’ was the public condemnation he received for his accusation, much of it from leading Republicans.

Those of us who can mostly set aside the MSM propaganda and see the world clearly, knew that Trump was justified in his accusation, for we quickly learned that the Judge had a history of Latino activism. But the vast majority of likely voters will never know about the Judge’s political allegiances and will conclude that Trump was being a cry-baby. Those prominent Republicans who rushed to the cameras and microphones to condemn Trump must have known the judge’s unsuitability to hear the case against him, yet there is no treachery to which they will not sink, either out of personal spite or in search of MSM approval.

My point is that Trump’s ‘bad two weeks’ – now part of the folk-lore of this election contest – were entirely MSM created but successfully presented to look like detached, honest reporting. Consequently, he did have a bad two weeks which have damaged his public image among the uncommitted. Hillary Clinton did not have to lift a finger, utter an opinion or otherwise soil her reputation by being involved in this episode.

Clinton’s own election campaign is almost non-existent. She is sailing above the fray. She never has news conferences, issues few policy statements, need answer no searching questions, and limits her public appearances to carefully-organized small disciplined meetings that are not exposed as such by the MSM.

Hillary Clinton is not at all likeable. Honestly presented to the public as a person, she would win the support only of those dreadful bob-haired, aging college women with smug faces and large rear ends who fret about their abortion rights. The MSM knows this, hence the embargo on showing Clinton in the raw on the campaign trail. Her MSM image is restricted to doctored pictures of a calm smiling face.

Not only is her personality concealed from the public by the MSM, but she makes very few policy statements to the wider public. She has been forced to tack Far Left to defeat Sanders and so her policy statements are being hidden from the middle-ground voters by the MSM and telegraphed only to those constituencies of the Far Left.

The result is that the election contest between Clinton and Trump, as arranged by the MSM, is that Clinton floats above the fray and Trump is buried in negative reports at the same time as the evidence of his personal appeal (large enthusiastic rallies) goes unreported and his policy statements are delivered to the public – shorn of anything that might be popular – via the MSM.

Here I must draw attention to a very clever recent propaganda technique, invented and employed by the MSM. Its title, (like all really clever propaganda tools) is a lie. It is called a ‘Fact check’ and enables the MSM to be judge and jury of the victims presented facts. The potential electorate, which should be the real jury, but which has already been denied by the MSM a chance to hear the evidence from the plaintiff’s lips, is presented with the judge’s (MSM’s) selections from among the evidence and his rulings of its accuracy. Not surprisingly, Trump’s evidence is mostly concealed from the electorate, and cherry-picked remnants are distorted or taken out of context and found wanting.

A website visitor (and optimist) has drawn attention to the most recent Quinnipiac University Poll covering the period June 21st to 27th, and sampling 1610 registered voters. It shows Clinton on 42% and Trump on 40%. If Trump is only 2 points behind I am amazed. The vast majority of people I know depend on the MSM for information, and even those who suspect its accuracy cannot be bothered to dig deeper. They do not escape its relentless propaganda when they pass through the Internet gates on the way to their work and trivia.

As I see it, the MSM has stopped playing Trump’s game, now that he has eliminated his Republican rivals. It is hell-bent on destroying his character reputation, is denying him live contact with the people, and shamelessly misrepresenting his message. At the same time it is manufacturing a Hillary Clinton, replete with an unsoiled image who exists above the grubby political turmoil. Obama’s government functionaries are protecting her from the law and the consequences of her misdeeds and bungling, and the Republican Congressmen are staying silent about her and leaving Trump to hang in the wind.

On this website we once again draw attention to the unity of action of the MSM, its power to set aside the Democrat Party except for walk-on parts, its ability to find traitors in our ranks, and the effectiveness of its propaganda. These are the attributes of a Ruling Class which we identify as the Media Class.

Jug_&_Dodo Music Choice Jug_&_Dodo

Just Friends: played by Dodo Marmarosa (Klenner) 5:12

Just Friends was written by John Klenner in 1931, and was played and recorded by most of the jazz greats, including Parker, Billie Holliday, Sonny Stitt, Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra. One of the most accomplished renditions of the tune was recorded by Dodo Marmarosa in 1962. It was later released as an album titled Jug & Dodo, with tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons playing on some of the tracks.

This excellent piano interpretation of ‘Just Friends’, along with Georgia, Yardbird Suite, and several others on the album, represent Marmarosa’s perfect technique and masterly improvisation gifts. Sadly it was the perfectionist Marmarosa’s last recorded work. His career had begun with the Gene Krupa Orchestra and he recorded with the great master Charlie Parker in the 1940’s, but then returned to Pittsburgh and relative obscurity. Long plagued by mental health problems, he died in a veteran’s hospital in 2002 without recording after 1962.

‘Just Friends’ must stand as one of the all-time great romantic ballads, combining melody and lyrics. The German-born Klenner came to the USA and composed mostly classical works and this one masterpiece.

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