Lewandowski Gets Framed

On this website we have twice headed articles with the words ‘Get Trumpy!’ for it is clear that Donald Trump, a Republican candidate whose biggest offences are ‘make American borders secure’; ‘halt mass immigration into the US’; ‘halt Muslim infiltration’; ‘renegotiate Trade deals to protect American industry from unfair competition’; and ‘stop funding Europe’s defenses’, have made him Public Enemy Number One.

Leading the war on Trump, is the Mainstream Media (MSM) . There is nothing new about the MSM conducting sustained propaganda campaigns against its enemies – Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. As we have long maintained on this website, the MSM marches in lockstep, distorts, suppresses and invents news, and seeks to destroy enemies whilst promoting allies, because it has a comprehensive Revolutionary agenda and is the tool of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies.

It was not always the case that the News Media marched in lockstep, though it always leaned more Left than Right. Ronald Reagan certainly united the MSM in hatred, and even moderate Conservative George W. Bush endured relentless MSM hostility. Senator Joe McCarthy, an anti-Communist patriot and long dead, continues to have his character furiously attacked by the MSM, perhaps as an example of MSM retribution to Americans considering militant patriotism.

Over the decades, as the Media Class has grown more self-conscious and more powerful, so the MSM has become more overtly its weapon of propaganda and personal destruction. Now, with its man in the White House, the Federal Courts and Supreme Court captured, and the machinery of central government firmly in the hands of its Revolutionary army, the Media Class is determined to ensure that the White House does not fall into the hands of anyone who might turn back the clock of Revolution.

Any Republican who emerges as the winner of the current primaries or backroom deals, no matter how ready to compromise and surrender to the Ruling Class and its agenda, will face a united, hostile MSM. This goes for Kasich, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan.

But Donald Trump is a nightmare for the Ruling Media Class, its Far Left allies and its MSM, for he is beyond the shackles of the restricting political process, is financially independent, is unleashing a Nationalism that had been assumed to be forever suppressed, and he is drawing vast crowds.

The power of a Ruling Class always includes wealth, control of government machinery and the Courts, allies with a common agenda, the bully pulpit, and often the Mob on the street. Our Ruling Class has the MSM, which amounts to much more than the bully pulpits of the past.

But the power of a Ruling Class also includes the ability to enlist forces beyond its immediate allies, and employing the means to divide and conquer its obvious enemies and possible enemies. We are each day witnessing our Ruling Class mobilizing every tool it possesses to ‘get’ Donald Trump and destroy his support. It is an awesome sight and no mere political challenger in American history has ever been the ‘beneficiary’ of such an onslaught.

The MSM, without exception, is being swamped with anti-Trump content, and only some small parts of the alternative Media on the Internet and Talk Radio are Trump-friendly. It has been instructive to discover how many websites, long considered to be ‘conservative’, are really owned by the Ruling Class or willing to be used by it for temporary gain.

The charge against Trump’s right-hand man, 42 year old Corey Lewandowski, of “actually and intentionally” touching or striking reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign event in Jupiter, Florida on March 8th, is either a sign of desperation on the part of the Media Class, or frightening evidence of its ability to find a female Judas in the ranks of the Right, produce at will a convenient legal entity willing to manufacture a criminal case, and through the MSM confer on a piece of legal nonsense an aura of respectability.

Fields, who may have, as part of a crowd, been pulled away by the arm from Trump’s side, by his assistant Lewandowski, originally claimed the pull was of such violence as to almost drag her to the ground. When video of the incident surfaced, she modified this claim but has claimed that small bruises on her arm were the result of the pull. This has been enough to justify the Jupiter police department alleging that the marks “appeared to be several finger marks indicating a grabbing injury” and pursuing a charge of simple battery that carries a punishment of $1,000 fine or a year in prison.

In the context in which this ‘incident’ took place, it is hard not to see this response as a politically motivated ploy intended to enmesh Lewandowski and Trump in a distraction from the campaign, and to enable the MSM to paint the Trump campaign as the source of the violence that the Far Left is inflicting on it.

One good consequence is that it has further revealed Ted Cruz to be an opportunist without principles. Any genuine Conservative or Nationalist would see this charge against Lewandowski as evidence of official political persecution of the Right and stand firm with the real victim.

Cruz has rushed to the MSM microphone to say “This is the consequence of the culture of the Trump campaign, the abusive culture, where you have a campaign that is built on personal attacks and now physical violence”.

Donald Trump, demonstrating yet again his steadfastness, loyalty and fearlessness is standing by Mr. Lewandowski. Who would you want in the foxhole with you, Cruz or Trump?


  1. And now it is being reported that the jerk prosecuting Lewandowski is a Hillary Clinton panty sniffer.

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