Let Us Count Our Trump Blessings

In the lead-up to the November election, I was making calculations about what to do if Hillary Clinton won the White House. In particular, I was concerned for my own physical safety and that of my family.

As the writer of this website I have long been on the record for determined opposition to the Revolutionary Media Class and its Far-Left allies. I have also written regularly denouncing the homosexual agenda, attacking sodomy as unnatural and unhygienic, and describing the latest Media-popularized perversions as mental illness.

I have helped give publicity to Black-on-White violence, denounced Black Lives Matter, made daily attacks on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for more than 10 years, and more recently embraced moderate Nationalism.

In all this I have sought reassurance in the Constitution, its guarantees of free speech in pursuit of the truth, and in gun ownership.

I have always been aware that there are dangerous intolerant forces that have been making steady advances under cover of the democratic system and that these forces -Far Left and perverts – have the financial resources, technical expertise and motivation to track me down and settle scores just as soon as they have completed their take-over of the State’s machinery of oppression.

I am well-read in modern history and have had no illusions about the totalitarian objectives of today’s American Far-Left and its partners, and their shared appetite for revenge, arbitrary arrests, prison camps, re-education centers and mass executions.

It was my calculation that a Clinton victory in November would quickly result in the noose tightening around the necks of people like me, and the death of Constitutional government. Here in California -stronghold of the Far-Left and birthplace of pervert-power – the opening moves of real suppression would begin.

My plans for safety rested between a speedy move to Florida or Georgia, where Right resistance might be possible, or flight to the UK of Brexit. I am sure many other activists of the Broad Right, would have been rounded up before me, but history shows that delay in the face of unleashed totalitarianism is fatal.

I get the impression, when I now read the attacks on Trump from the Broad Right, that modern history has not been learned and that many never really believed that the end was near if Hillary Clinton made it to the White House.

As Trump has survived the opening Ruling Class onslaught and begun the giant task of pushing back on the Revolution, I am feeling that even California is safe enough for a Counter-Revolutionary. I have had my Trump poster stolen from my yard (and I replaced it) and a stone thrown at my window, but I no longer fear a visit from the FBI or DOJ. Nor am I planning to move out of the state for reasons of safety.

I wish Donald Trump was more focused on draining the swamp, punishing those who have ignored America’s laws over the last 8 years, and was less willing to make compromises with the RINOS. I wish he would consign his family to running the family business.

But he has halted the attacks on gun rights, is reversing the tide of illegal immigration, waged war on the MSM, and in a hundred different ways is pushing back the Revolution. He is solidifying his hold on the Presidency and is creating a political climate in which people like me can continue to exercise free speech. I urge all on the Broad Right to treat MSM reporting as pernicious propaganda, count their Trump blessings, and be patient. 

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